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Complete House Clearance Sitemap

On this page you will find a complete list of all our house clearance pages, here you will find everything relating to house clearances, funeral directories and any other relevant links.

  • House clearance Manchester

    Undertaking house clearances covering all areas of Manchester including Little Lever, Leigh, Milnrow, Atherton, Bury, Wardle, Marple, Irlam, Farnworth, Tottington.

  • House clearance York

    Covering all areas within the great historical city of York including Clifton, Rawcliffe, Acomb, Heworth, Osbaldwick, Heslington, Fulford, Dringhouses.

  • House clearance Sheffield

    We cover all areas in Sheffield including Loxley, Stannington, Heeley, Handsworth, Woodhouse, Darnall, Loxley etc.

  • House clearance Bolton

    Our house clearance services covers Lostock, Atherton, Farnworth, Kearsley, Radcliffe, Whitefield, Prestwich and all other areas of Bolton.

  • House clearance Stockport

  • We cover many areas of Stockport including Cheadle, Heaton Mersey, Bredbury, Woodley, Marple, Hazel Grove, Romiley, Bramhall etc.

  • Furniture clearance Manchester

  • Information undertaking furniture clearances in the Manchester area, our service also covers home moves, UK part loads and packing materials.

  • Waste removal Manchester

  • Not many house clearance companies like to do these types of clearances but we are more than happy to undertake waste and rubbish clearances.

  • Cluttered house

  • If you house a cluttered house we are the firm you need.

  • House clearance Bradford

    Our areas of coverage include the major city of Bradford and also Bingley, Greengates, Wilsden, Clayton, Wibsey, Wyke, Manningham, West Bowling and all other areas of Bradford.

  • House clearance Leeds

  • The great city of Leeds is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe! Our house clearance service covers every City, Town and village within this great city.

  • House clearance Doncaster

  • Covering all areas of Doncaster including Balby, Hyde Park, Bessacarr, Armthorpe, Edenthorpe, Arksey, Bentley, Scawsby, Newton etc.

  • House clearance Harrogate

  • Harrogate is world famous, the city has alot of history and is unique! We cover all areas of Harrogate.

  • House clearance Rochdale

  • All areas of Rochdale are covered with are clearance service including Littleborough, Heywood, Oldham, Milnrow, Shaw, Chadderton and all other areas.

  • House clearance Wigan

    The famous rugby town of Wigan is covered with many of our services.

  • House clearance Oldham

    We provide house removals, house clearances, boxes, and also offer a first class nationwide part load service within the city of Oldham.

  • House clearance Lancashire

    We provide many services within the beautiful area of Lancashire including home moves, flat and house clearance, part loads and can also supply packing materials.

  • House clearance Sale

    We provide house clearances within Sale, including the smaller areas like Brooklands, Wythenshawe, Timperley, Urmston, Hale, Bowden, Broadheath, and Halebarns.
  • Property clearance

  • Professional property clearance at fantastic prices, regardless of which property type you have.

  • Property letting services

  • We deal with many property letting services as many of these companies require our services.

  • House furniture clearance

  • We clear waste and furniture of all shapes and sizes, nothing is to big or small for us to handle.

  • House clearance companies

  • We are registered with the UK house clearance website. This organisation only allow professional companies to join them.

  • Household clearance

  • Our household clearances are done 7 days a week! We also have an out of hours service.

  • House clearance prices

  • Our prices are very competitive, in many cases we are actually cheaper than a skip and you don't have to lift a finger.

  • House contents clearance

  • Whatever the contents of your property we can clear it.

  • Clearance specialists

  • We are house clearance specialists! Clearing properties is a skilful and sometimes dangerous job, especially when dealing with vandalized properties as drug use is common.

  • House rubbish clearance

  • Rubbish clearance is also one of the many services we offer, this type of work often involves needles.

  • Void property clearance

  • Many properties can end up becoming void properties, this can happen through bankruptcy or other factors beyond the owners control.

  • Void property services

    We offer many services for void properties such as our cleaning and deep cleaning services.
  • House clear

    We will clear your home with no emotional ties from you so you can relax and move forward with your life.

  • Commercial clearance

    We also undertake commercial clearances, these include offices, factories and schools to name a few.

  • House clearing services

    Many of our house clearances are done for relatives of a loved one that has either died or been moved to a residential home.
  • Clearance house furniture

    We can flat pack your old furniture in record time and have your property cleared and cleaned.

  • Council house clearance

    Did you know we also clear council houses and work hand in hand with many local authorities.

  • home office clearance

    Do you have a home office that needs to be cleared, if so then we're the company you need.

  • Home clearance

    Did you know we also clear flats and other types of properties.

  • Void property cleaning

    Not only do we provide our void property clearance service we also provide a 2nd to one deep cleaning service for void properties.

  • Recycling services

    Did you know up to 80% of the items we clear in your property are recycled or given to good causes. You can rest assured you will be doing your bit for charity.

  • Cheap skip hire alternatives

    Are you thinking of hiring a skip? Don't! Check out our prices first, we're confident we can clear your property cheaper.

  • Storage clearance

    Many ex storage customers decide to stop paying for their goods they have in storage, this means we have to clear the storage units.

  • Undiscovered deaths

    Our undiscovered deaths section of the site deals with the unpleasant side of trauma cleaning

  • Biohazard cleaning

    Our biohazardous cleaning service deals with many potentially dangerous cleaning scenarios where dangerous bacteria.
    We provide a skip hire alternative in Radcliffe, Lostock, Atherton, Farnworth, Kearsley, Whitefield, Prestwich and all other areas of Bolton.
  • Biohazardous waste removal

    We're sure you'll appreciate our biohazardous waste removal service covereing the whole of the North of England.

  • Junk clearance

    Not only do we clear furniture; we also clear junk regardless of how much you have. You may have to deal with a hoarders possessions.

  • Verminous House clearance #

    You might struggle to find a company to do a verminous house clearance, they are not very pleasant clearances to do. We love them!

  • Any junk

    Not only do we clear junk; we clear any junk as long as its legal we will clear it no problem.

  • Rubbish clearance #

    We also clear rubbish; sometimes rubbish is left in gardens or inside abandoned homes; we give the same amount of attention to these types of clearances regardless of whether rubbish is inside or outside the property.

  • Waste removal in Manchester

    We carry out many waste removals within the five counties of Yorkshire, Humberside and Manchester.

  • Waste collection

    Waste collections within the North of England are what we've been doing for twelve years now; we are very experienced.

  • House clearances

    Providers of house clearances, house removals, nationwide part loads and also suppliers of quality boxes and packing materials.

  • We clear junk

    Junk clearance is what we specialize in; in fact we love these types of clearances because all our team members get a great sense of work satisfaction!

  • Disposal of waste

    When we clear your property we have to dispose of your waste in a legal and responsible manor; that's why we have to have a full waste carriers licence.

  • Furniture disposal

    We can dispose of your furniture in a professional and legal manor; we also give many items to the needy.

  • Waste collection services

    Our waste collection services are done 7 days a week and we also have an emergency out of hours service.

  • Junk it

    Junk removals done in a legal and responsible manor are what we are about; we have never had a single complaint yet.

  • Junk collection

    Junk collections big and small we do them all; and what's more we do them legally.

  • House clearance service

    We're sure you will be happy with our professional house clearance service! We have been in the industry for many years.

  • Eco rubbish clearance

    Our eco rubbish clearance service ensures we help keep the environment protected.

  • Old furniture removal

    Whether your furniture is old or new we will clear it for you; we also have many contacts with charity shops which take many of the items we obtain.

  • Waste removals #

    House clearances don't just entail furniture! Many of the clearances we do contain hazardous waste such as needles, infestations, faeces etc.

  • All your junk

    Get all your junk together Phoenix House Clearances is coming; we clear all types of properties regardless of size.

  • Domestic waste removal #

    We provide a waste removal service done to a very high standard; we have all the equipment necessary.

  • Junk pick up

    We pick up junk when you need us to clear your property; we also provide an excellent cleaning service.

  • Junk removal service #

    If you have junk that needs moving please let us do it for you! Moving junk can be hazardous; rats and other pests could have set up a nest.

  • Household rubbish clearance #

    We undertake many household rubbish clearances; we also clear probate and empty vandalized properties.

  • Junk removals #

    Moving your junk can be a very stressful experience! Your property might have been damaged by unruly tenants; evidence of drug usage may also be present.

  • Junk clean up #

    Cleaning and clearing your property is done with the upmost discretion; there may be personal items you need us to watch out for; we are always aware of this.

  • Removal of junk #

    Clearing and the safe removal of waste and junk in your property is our main concern; this needs to be done in a safe manor.

  • Junk pick up service

    Picking up your junk is our business! We have been doing this for many years; we now offer a 10% discount for online bookings.
  • The junk truck #

    We have vehicles dedicated to junk clearances; these need to be cleaned regularly because of the nature of the work we do.

  • Take away junk

    We are happy to take your junk away 7 days a week, we will even come to you in an emergency if you ask us.

  • Scrap metal clearance

    Do you need to get rid of an old washer; well now is the perfect time for you! We can clear your house and clear any scrap metal at the same time.

  • Free scrap metal collection

    We offer a free scrap metal collection; there's no need to look at that eyesore.

  • Flat clearance

    Not only do we clear houses; we also clear flats and many other types of properties.

  • Recycling in Bradford

    When we clear your home in Bradford we take the items to a legal, professional recycling centre; these facilities then recycle up to 80% of the items we take there.

  • Skip hire West Yorkshire

    We provide a skip on wheels service within the West Yorkshire areas.

  • Rubbish removal Leeds

    We also remove rubbish, waste and junk in your property regardless of what condition it is in.

  • Waste disposal Bradford

    Our main waste disposal site is in Bradford; We use nearly eighty waste recycling centres throughout northern England.

  • Tameside recycling

    One of the recycling centres we use is based in Tameside near Manchester. We use only reputable recycling facilities that have strict codes of practice and are checked regularly by the environment agency.

  • Registered waste carrier #

    Beware! Many house clearance companies do not have a waste carrier's licence which can cause you a lot of stress if your waste is found to be illegally dumped.

  • Probate house clearance

    Probate house clearances usually deal with void or empty properties after a death in the family or through other circumstances.

  • Estate clearance #

    Estate clearances can be cleared by Phoenix House Clearances; we do many different clearances each month.

  • House clearance business

    Our house clearance company started as a house removal business but slowly evolved into a house clearance company.
  • Renting your property

    We do lots of work for landlords and letting agents that need their properties clearing urgently.
  • Waste collection

    Waste collections are done on a regular basis; much of the waste is recycled and can be used again and again.
  • Junk removal

    Junk collections and removals from vandalized or run down properties can present health and safety issues but we are well prepared for such problems.
  • Household waste disposal

    Household waste disposals by Phoenix House Clearance are done many times a year; we are a fully licenced and legal firm.
  • UK house clearance

    Our UK house clearance company operates from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday; however we can work on weekends and outside normal working hours in an emergency for an additional fee.
  • Void properties

    Void properties can be a health hazard if these properties are not dealt with in a timely fashion as rats and other rodents can take root..
  • Skip hire

    Our skip hire alternatives can in many cases be cheaper than hiring a skip; you will also save yourself all the hard work that is involved in clearing a property.

  • Bereavement services

    Many Bereavement services offer a house clearance as part of their package; funeral directories for example may offer this service.

  • Furniture recycling services

    Much of the furniture we obtain is crushed and recycled at the recycling facility; decent furniture is usually given to charity.

  • House junk removal

    A house junk removal may be required if your property has been left empty for some time; this can attract vermin such as rats etc.

  • Junk removers

    Our team actually enjoy clearing junk from empty properties! We have been doing this for many years.
  • Skips on wheels

  • Our skips on wheels service can handle any size house clearance! what's more our service usually costs less than hiring a skip or indeed skips as the average house will need 3 good sized skips to complete your clearance.

  • Void property cleaning

  • Not only do we undertake house clearances; we do a professional cleaning service as well.

  • House clearance Yorkshire

    We cover the width and breadth of Yorkshire; we have 5 offices with our head office based in Bradford.

  • Furniture house clearance

  • Our furniture house clearance service is done with sympathy! We understand you may have lost a loved one.

  • Cowboy house clearance company newspaper article #

  • Interesting article on rogue house clearance companies who dump furniture in the street and cause misery for the local community.

  • West Yorkshire house clearance

  • Covering house clearances within Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Dewsbury, Halifax, Huddersfield, Brighouse, Keigthley, Pontefract and all other areas within West Yorkshire.

    House clearance Bramhall

    As well as offering House Clearance in Bramhall Cheshire we also offer House Clearance to the nearby areas of Longdendale, Hayfield, Millbrook, Stalybridge, Audenshaw, Grasscroft, Brinnington, Dobcross-Uppermill, Buckton Vale, Hyde, Marple, New Mills, Mossley, Dukinfield, Bredbury and Romiley, Denton, Disley, Chinley, Ashton-under-Lyne.

    House clearance Alfreton

    Providers of a great house clearance service within all area's of Derbyshire including Chesterfield, Mansfield, Matlock, Alfreton, Belper, Ripley, Heanor, Derby etc.

  • House clearance Hull

    Providers of a great house clearance service within all area's of the East Riding area including Hull, Driffield, Grimsby, Beverely, Goole, Cleethorpes Cottingham etc.
  • Unpleasant cleaning clearance

    Part of our house clearance service also includes an unpleasant cleaning and clearance service of gross filth and verminous properties, these jobs are not for the faint of heart.




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