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Doctor Removals

Tips for efficient doctor removals?

Handling doctor removals from one location to another is a serious affair that has to be handled with care and skill. One reason for this is that the doctor’s office or clinic would likely contain a number of important and fragile tools that need to be handled with care. Doctor moves also need to be handled quickly and efficient to make it possible for the doctor to resume services to patients as soon as possible.


Are you worried about your patients?

With any type of removals or moves, planning ahead makes the whole process easy and smooth sailing. The date of the doctor removals should be well planned ahead and communicated with both staff and patients. Patients will need to know in advance of the new location and the date of the move and how many hours or days the services will not be available. This will make it possible for people with emergencies and health issues needing immediate attention to seek alternative care during this period of downtime.



We offer much more than just house removals in South Yorkshire:


Are you concerned about losing items?

It is wise to assign someone to supervise the entire doctor moving process. This is still important even if a professional removals service provider is to be used. Take time to write down everything that has to be moved. Write it down and thank yourself later, because it will help you locate and retrieve items easily later. The list should contain every single item that a box contains. This list has to be written before the box is closed or sealed. You can use a spiral notebook to write down items and keep track of where everything is.

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We move many doctors and nurses up and down the country each year, many of these clients use us again and again.

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Doctor equipment is quite sensitive and so should be handled with care. Some items may require that they are wrapped with protective material before being boxed. Packing foam can also be used to provide a form of cushion to protect sensitive instruments and equipment. Do not put too many fragile instruments in one box to avoid them rubbing or banging against each other which may cause damage or scratches. Due to the delicacy involved, it is advised that doctor removals be only handled by competent service providers.

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