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Waste collection house clearance

Waste Collection

Are You In Need Of A Waste Collection?

Waste collection from Phoenix, we undertake waste clearance and rubbish removal from gardens, sheds, garages etc, we also undertake many other services in the house clearance industry. We operate 7 days per week, 9.00am to 5.00pm and also offer our services out of hours, 24 hours a day if necessary.

We can arrange to collect your waste whether you require a house clearance, hazardous waste removal or similar waste collection, we are licenced and hold full public liability insurance. We also provide almost a dozen other services such as house removals, storage, full or part packing service and house cleaning to name but a few of the services we offer. You will find our services to be very affordable, in many cases cheaper than hiring a skip.

Free Boxes and A Free House Clean!

For a limited period we are offering our clients free packing materials and a FREE HOUSE CLEAN! But this offer is only available for the remainder of this month so please book now to take advantage of this special offer. Alternatively check out our prices or if you have further questions please look at our FAQs or our house clearance coverage section.

Let Us Take The Stress From You

Why not allow us to take the stress out of your waste collection. We can undertake your property waste clearance in your absence if you are finding it difficult to take time off work; we are always happy to collect keys from a third party and e-mail you pictures and a signed invoice upon completion of the clearance. All this can be done while you carry on your daily activities STRESS-FREE!

Summary of Services

  • House Contents Clearance
  • Waste Collection
  • House Removals
  • Storage
  • Packing with Packing Materials Supplied
  • Verminous House Clearance
  • Property Cleaning Service
  • East Riding of Yorkshire house clearance
  • Hazardous Waste Removal
  • Deep Cleaning Service
  • Junk Removal
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Factory & Shop Floor Clearance
  • Office Clearance
  • Government Building Clearance
  • Storage Clearance

Please note that if you have a requirement that's not listed above please contact us as we will more than likely be able to help.

Fame At Last!

Our services have appeared on the hit TV series 60 Minute Makeover (60MM). We have also moved celebrities such as Sunetra Sarker from Casualty and Brookside. You are dealing with a professional company and your waste collection is in safe hands. We are members of the U.K. House Clearance Association. You can see what customers have been saying about us.


waste carrier's licence

What We Clear

Your waste collection may include some unsavory items if your property needs a verminous clearance service due to scatterers previously living in the house or anti-social tenants. On these sorts of house clearances we often have to do the following...

  • Clearance and Disposal of Any Decaying Foodstuffs
  • Disposal of Decaying Animal Carcasses
  • Disposal and Cleaning of Human & Animal Faeces
  • Safely Remove Needles & Syringes
  • Hazardous Waste Removal
  • Garden Tidy Up Service
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Removal and Disposal of Infested Carpets

In short our waste collection service will ensure your property is back to its former glory in no time so you can either sell or rent the property. Imagine for a moment having the house back to normal with your anti-social friends gone and some decent tenants in your property; it doesn't have to be a dream.

Book Your Waste Collection Now!

Are You In Need of an Emergency Clearance?

If you are in an emergency situation we can normally get to you within 24 hours. This may be due to a number of reasons i.e. a relative may have died suddenly, the property in question may be getting vandalized or the risk of squatters is of grave concern. YOU NEED TO ACT FAST. If you are in this predicament simply book online 24 hours a day and we will rush to your aid asap. Many clients have called us THE 4th EMERGENCY SERVICE!

Do You Need To Be At The Property While We Work?

We do many waste collection and junk removal clearances in the absence of the client. Sometimes its just too emotionally upsetting for them especially when they see a property that has been damaged. We can pick the keys up from a third party. Please rest assured we will give you 100%. We want to see that big smile back on your face when we have finished.


Want To Learn How We Can Save You Money, Time and Stress?

Are you thinking of doing this kind of clearance yourself in order to try and save money? PLEASE WAIT! By using our waste collection service we can actually save you money and save you a lot of STRESS. In many cases we can be cheaper than a skip hire service.

For a fraction of the cost of a D.I.Y. waste collection service, using skips or van hire we can get your property cleared, clean, and secured. This can be done in your absence if you have other commitments or you are working, thus ensuring there is no stress on you and also no reminders of the past or present to upset you. Read about the effects of stress here.

Recycling and Charity Shops

Most waste collection clearances have no items of value, however in some cases we can salvage a few items for the good of the local community! We have close ties with local charity shops if there are clothes, bedding or crockery still in reasonable condition. We can usually get these to a local charity shop as many people need these items around the world. Please read a letter from Oxfam here.

Are You Worried About Damage To Your Home?

Squatters Rights and Wrongs

Unfortunately the law will side with squatters if you have them in your property! It can be a lengthy and expensive legal battle removing these nice people from your home IF THEY GET IN. Much better to make sure they can't enter in the first place.

While we do your waste collection we are happy to work with a 3rd party to ensure your property is safe and secure. We will house sit if necessary and liaise with your chosen contractor until your property is left safe and secure.


Have you ever seen a small area of graffiti on a wall only to see it spread rapidly? WHY? This is because once an area starts to go downhill it can gather momentum so it's essential to stop this in its tracks. Your house is no exception! If your house is left empty and unsecured for too long the chances of it becoming vandalized increases greatly.

The cost of our waste collection service is miniscule to the cost of a vandalized property, it is vital that you act promptly! We are ready to act, BOOK NOW and receive 10% of all online bookings.

Scrap Metal Frenzy

The price of scrap metal has doubled in recent years. Unfortunately this is now leading to many thefts from houses for precious metals, especially copper. Some unscrupulous scrap men will enter empty properties to steal boilers, copper pipes, radiators etc. As scrap increases in price and the recession hits harder this is likely to increase.

Burglar's Paradise

An empty house is also a burglar's paradise. Many burglars will look out for properties that are empty and unsecured. This is easy work for the thieves so don't make it easy for them. Let us carry out your waste collection for you; this will save you a lot of headache later.


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