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Home Moving Tips

Home Moving Tips Guide

Choose Your Removal Firm With Care!

"Hello Mrs Smith, Knock-it-n-bodge-it Removals here! We’ll soon shift yer stuff" ......... crash, bang, wallop! "Sorry Mrs Smith, was that an expensive television?" ....."About that rip in your new leather suite"......"Got to go now, the rest of yer gear’s in the front garden". Mrs Smith collapses in tears and now despises all removal firms.



Horror stories do happen - whether you need a house clear service or house removals but fortunately this is rare. However it is a fact that anyone can buy a van for a few hundred pounds and advertise as a removal firm.. Moving house is stressful of course and making the right choice when selecting a removal firm is extremely important.

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How Can You Tell If We Are A Reputable Company?

So how do you tell which firms will provide a good service and which ones are likely not to? One way is of course to ask around. Have any of your friends moved lately, or do they know anyone who has? Also how does the firm promote itself? One of the best ways is to judge them on how they deal with your enquiry. Do they offer other services such as storage, part loads or a house clear service.

Do they sound professional, do they provide testimonials or video clips, are they professional but friendly on the phone? Request a personal estimate. This avoids any confusion as to what is to be moved, and gives you the opportunity for further insight into the company. Below are questions you should ask the estimator:


Do You Offer Insurance?- Do not consider anyone without insurance

Do You Charge Waiting Time If My Keys Are Late? - Do you issue people with blank cheques? No!

How Many Staff Will Be Moving Me?- Generally 2 or 3 is sufficient. However if you have a very large move and/or very bad access, any decent firm would send at least 3 or 4, maybe more.

Do You Charge A Cancellation/Postponement Fee? The answer should be no

What Happens If Your Van Break Downs?An instant reply of "no problem, we will hire one in" is essential

How Will You Protect My Furniture in Transit? All items should be wrapped in furniture covers or transit blankets for protection

Test The Estimator. Ask How He Will Move Your Large New Leather Suite - He should give you a fully competent and comprehensive answer including safety precautions to avoid damage.


Which Estimate Do I Choose?

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