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House Removals FAQs:



How much will it cost?

We try and make this as simple as possible! If your moving locally we normally charge our very reasonable day rate, for long distance moves we have various rates available depending on how far you are moving, please look at our pricing page here. However we don't just base our prices on distance, we also take into account things like access, packing, size of van(s), number of staff etc. Top^

What areas do you cover?

We cover five main Counties, these are, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Manchester and Greater Manchester, North Yorkshire and also The East Riding of Yorkshire. We are also happy to undertake long distance house removals from the south to the north of England or any other location you choose. Top^

How much notice do you require?
The key to a succesful house move are the five Ps, prior preparation prevents poor performance, you may have heard this before. Its vitatally important to book as early as possible in order to achieve a smooth move, we recommend giving at least 14 days notice. Top^

What size are your vehicles?
We use 3.5 ton Luton vans, many clients are now feeling the recession and for that reason we now operate a smaller fleet of vehicles which saves you money! If your house removal requires two smaller vehicles to complete your move this is still cheaper then using a 17 ton lorry, our vehicles are also much greener than larger lorries. Top^

How do I arrange parking bay suspension?
Having parking space for our vans is vital! If parking is an issure we recommend contacting the council who will arrange a parking bay suspension. Please don't leave this to late, remember the five Ps. If you don't know the telephone number of your local council please look in your local directory. Top^

Do you dismantle and re-assemble my bed, wardrobe etc?
Unless you have specifically asked us to do so previously you need to make sure any items that need to be dismantled are ready for us on moving day. This saves time, stress and also ensures items are not damaged. Dismantling takes time but we are happy to do it provided you let us know. Top^

Do I need to unpack my chest of drawers?
Provided the chest of drawers is strong enough to be moved fully loaded and isn't to heavy we will take it as it is. Self assembly furniture however is not designed to be moved when fully loaded, as a test try lifting one end and see if the item stays sturdy enough to move. Top^

What should I do with my gas cylinders or flammable liquids?
Gas cylinders, flammable liquids and any other hazardous materials however contained cannot be moved using our vehicles, this is because our insurance company does not cover such items, however other arrangements can be made by the council or other 3rd party. Items like petrol strimmers and mowers must be drained of any fuel beforehand. Top^

Will you empty my loft?
Unless your loft is boarded out and is fully lit our insurance will not cover our staff to undertake suck work, if this is the case please ensure your loft is empty prior to our arrival. . Top^

Does my furniture get placed to my requirements?
Its always a good idea to plan in advance exactly where you want your furniture placing before items are unloaded. Our staff will place items where you ask but cannot continually rearrange furniture. Top^

What are the size of your storage containers?
The size of our containers range from one cubic metre to a 20 cubic metre unit. For an average house you will normally need a 20 cubic metre unit. Top^

How long can I store for?
A storage unit can be booked for either one month or as long as is required, we have some clients that have had storage units for years. Top^

How can I pay for storage?
There are many ways you can pay for your storage costs or any other services we offer! You can pay by credit or debit card, paypal, cash, or direct bank transfer. A popular option is to pay by direct debit if you are storing for a longer period of time. Top^

What items are not allowed to be stored?
Hazardous items such as flammable liquids, gas cylinders and weapons of any kind cannot be stored in our units. For a full list of items that cannot be stored please see our house removal terms and conditions. Top^

How much will I pay and are there any concealed costs?
There are no concealed costs with any of our services, all costs are shown upfront, we don't try to hide anything. Top^

Are you insured?
Yes of course fully. Top^

What happens if there is a breakage?
It’s very rare we break anything; sometimes a picture might get damaged in which case we would repair this ourselves. We are extremely careful, in the event of more substantial damage we will deal with any claims professionally and amicably. Top^

Do you supply packing boxes and packing materials?
We have a full range of packing materials you can choose from, please take a look at our packing materials which you can order online. Top^

Can you do my packing?
Yes, if you feel packing a whole house is a little daunting we have a team of nimble fingered packers ready and waiting. Top^

Do your staff smoke on the job?
No, all our well-trained staff have strict codes of conduct in respect of behaviour and dress which includes not smoking while working. We also have a non-smoking crew available. Top^

What about storage?
There are times when you will need to store your items, we can arrange this for you and in the process offer you some of the best rates available. Top^

Pianos: I have a grand piano – does it present any problems?
Well, moving pianos is highly specialised; we often move them, but it does involve a lot of expertise and there will be an extra charge involved. Top^

Estimates: I work late – can you come and see me after hours?
Yes, we will work around you! Infact we prefer to see clients after they have finished work and can be out as late as 10.00pm giving estimates. Top^

How many vehicles do you have?
We have 4 vehicles in total, they are all 3.5 ton Luton vans, these vans are very economical and offer the best value for money. Top^

How many staff do you have?
We have 6 staff in total, they are all trained removal people with a wealth of experience between them. Top^

What about moving abroad?
No problem, we have moved many clients to and from European countries. Top^

What happens if you break down?
This is very unlikely as our vans are very well maintained, we are also covered with international breakdown cover and usually have a backup van on standby. Top^

Should I get the locks at my new house changed?
This depends on the circumstances. For your own peace of mind we suggest that you do. You never know who has a spare key to your new home! Many different tradesmen could have been lent a key and may still be in possession of it. We would advise arranging for a locksmith 2 weeks before you move to ensure your locks are changed on the day you move. Top^

Can I use standard boxes for packing my possessions?
For none breakable items you can use your own boxes but remember fragile items like your best china really does need to be packed by a professional mover, especially if you’re moving long distance. For fragile items you need to use double walled corrugated cardboard boxes, if your items are really fragile styrofoam peanuts and tissue paper should be used. Top^

I'm worried about security on the day of my move. What should I do?
When you're moving house extra security risks can occur. You will have open doors, possessions lying outside and on the van, there will be strangers walking by etc, security is obviously a concern. There are steps you can take however:
#1 - Remove as many valuable items prior to your moving day or keep them out of sight. If this isn't possible take as much with you in your own vehicle.

#2 - If you have any sensitive information we recommend you shred letters and other documents before throwing them away. ID theft is on the increase so please be careful.

#3 - We will close doors whenever possible but doors will need to be left open for short periods of time! If you have friends or family it would be a good idea to have one on guard.

#4 - Make sure you make an inventory of "everything you have" including items you pack into boxes, you'll be asked to sign a release document by a member of staff. Top^

I'm unsure what tasks I'll have to do on moving day. What will I have to do?
Its best to ask your removal agent what needs to be done on moving day or give us a call and we will advise you. Each house removal is different therefore the advice we give will be different for each move! Some clients want a full packing and unpacking service. Top^

Which day should I move on?
Most removal companies will charge a premium for certain days like Fridays or weekends! If you can avoid these days you will save yourself money and stress. Please don't underestimate the stress of moving house, we also recommend you allow a full day for your move and try not to have any other commitments on moving day, this will add more stress to a very stressful day, instead delegate tasks if you can. Top^

How long will it take for me to get settled?
The moving process itself is only a small step in moving house, especially if you've never moved before! It can take months and even sometimes years to get fully settled into a new area. Don't get disheartened though, with the support of good family and friends you will eventually settle in. Top^

Are home removals companies reliable?
That depends on the company! Some are but some unfortunately are cowboy uninsured firms. An easy way to find out if the company is professional is to ask questions and ask people you know for recommendations, ask the company to produce a valid goods in transit insurance document and ask if they are a member of any trade associations. Top^


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