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House furniture clearance


do you urgently need a house furniture clearance?


House Furniture Clearance and removals

If you have to much furniture in your home or office and need to get it cleared you will need to hire a professional house furniture clearance professional. You may also need this service if you have just bought some new furniture and need the old furniture taken away. We can deliver your new furniture and legally dispose of your old furniture using our van with man or house removals service. We are much more than just a house clearance furniture clearance company.

how to get rid of old furniture?

If you can arrange it, you can get the furniture sold off so that you earn some money while you clear it. Garage sales, auction websites, old furniture buyers and yard sales are just some ways to sell off old furniture. You could even try ebay, we could then deliver on your behalf if necessary.

why not give it to charity?

You can ask the house furniture clearance staff from Phoenix to help you donate the furniture to charity if they are still in good usable condition. Our staff will be able to suggest organizations around you who would appreciate such a gift such as churches, community centres, schools and charity homes. This way you can be sure that your old furniture is working for someone else, which is also an effective way of recycling.


House clearance companies

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how to avoid landfill sites and help the environment?

You can decide to do a house furniture clearance or do some repair work on your furniture and keep it instead, you could reupholster the furniture and decide to either keep or sell the furniture thereafter. put furniture in good order before you give it away or offer items for sale. Finding methods of giving away, keeping your furniture or selling it is always better than sending it out to the already overfilled landfill sites!

Summary of our house furniture clearance service:

  • House furniture clearance
  • Furniture repair
  • Furniture dismantling/re-assembly
  • Crime scene cleaning
  • House junk removal
  • Furniture selling service
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Furniture pricing
  • House clearance companies
  • House removals
  • Nationwide part loads delivery

how to choose a house furniture clearance company?

A professional house furniture clearance firm will always first look for effective ways to recycle the furniture. Your can contact Phoenix House Clearances who are professionals in clearing furniture. We will send a team to first assess what you want cleared and give you a quote. We will only proceed when you agree on the quote and give us the go ahead. The house furniture clearance team will load the furniture into the removal van and cart it away. They will even give your property a free basic clean.

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