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commercial clearance

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commercial clearance services

At Phoenix we offer a professional commercial clearance, we have many years of experience in the commercial clearance market, we typically clear pubs, schools, offices, nursing homes and storage units to name just a few of the many commercial clearances we undertake.

what commercial clearances do we do?

During our 20 years of experience we have seen and come across just about every type of commercial clearance and domestic clearance you can think of, nothing surprises us, we have seen some of the most appalling sights known to man. Because of this experience you can be sure you can book us with confidence and receive a professional and prompt service.

how do we organise a commercial clearance?

When we start a commercial clearance we will deal with everything on the spot, every aspect of the commercial clearance will be taken into consideration, you will not have to organise or follow up on anything. We always like to make sure is clearance has sufficient man power on them as each commercial clearance is different and can take anywhere from 1 to 7 days to complete depending on the volume and access amongst other thing of the property.

If you would like to discuss a commercial clearance, or any other type of clearance then please phone us on 0800 234 3103 or 0784 537 7429.

House Clearing Services

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can we clear large commercial properties?

As an example we recently cleared a commercial office which required a team of 8 staff from Phoenix, the new office needed to be opened within 2 days so our team had to work flat out over a very long weekend, the office clearance of 24 rooms was completed within 48 hours thereby allowing the business to continue without any loss of productivity or profit. This also allows the business owner to focus on other things essential to the business.

Summary of our commercial clearance services:

  • Commercial clearances
  • Probate clearances
  • Boxes delivered to your door
  • Offices cleared
  • Warehouses emptied
  • Commercial moves
  • clearance of damaged properties
  • clearing flood damaged properties
  • pest control
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Confidential document shredding
  • key holding service
  • House clearing services
  • Storage units cleared
  • Renting your property

what do we do with confidential documents?

A Commercial clearance needs to be organized properly, on many occasions there is a lot more than you realize in the property! There are also confidential documents that may need to be shredded, we can plan all these different scenarios on site to ensure that the commercial clearance runs as smoothly as possible.

Please phone us on Freephone 0800 234 3103 or 0784 537 7429 to discuss your specific requirements.

are you emotionally attached to the property?

Many properties whether a commercial clearance or domestic need clearing for many different reasons, you may have had a relative who has recently died or a company may have gone bankrupt overnight, the reasons are endless. Often not the most welcome of these tasks is having to clear the premises, most property owners find this impossible with their busy lives, that's where we step in!

do you have a surprise for us?

We expect certain items like wardrobes, washing machines, fridges etc to be in the property however it would be really good to know in advance if there is a piano in the lounge, a car in the garage or a motorbike in the attic (yes we have come across these scenarios). After you've told us of these great little treasures you won't have to do anything else, you don't have to pack or spend days sifting through everything. We'll do all the hard work, that's what you're paying us to do.

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