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Onboard Web Cams

Track Your Move or Clearance Progress With Fitted House Removal Web Cams

In the house removals and clearance business, the service provider should be able to provide quality services to the satisfaction of its clients. Satisfying clients involves going the extra mile to do even the unexpected to satisfy personalized client needs. A removal firm as a service provider should be able to deliver professional and satisfactory services that it has been contracted for.

Would you like to see what we're up to remotely?

The removal firm however operates in a unique service industry that requires a certain level of trust, because the delivery of their services necessitate that they handle personal and household items of their various customers. Some clients would like to keep an eye and supervise what is being done in their houses or apartments especially if they cannot be physically present. When the movers are left alone we wanted to give our clients a little peace of mind and that is the reason behind the proposed introduction of our house removal web cams.

Why do we offer this facility?

When fully operational, our house removal web cams will allow clients to see what takes place at their homes or offices in real time. This affords busy people who cannot be around when removal personnel are at work an opportunity to still be able to keep an eye on the firms progress. This innovative introduction is intended to assuage worried clients and show the service provider’s transparency and commitment to please the clients.


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Areas of coverage

We undertake our 8-in-1-service in all areas within Manchester, Yorkshire and Humberside.

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Summary of services from Phoenix

  • House removals
  • Storage service
  • Packing kits
  • Packing service
  • Verminous house clearances
  • Property cleaning service
  • Needle & sharps removal
  • Steam cleaning
  • Crime scene cleaning
  • Free home survey
  • Property deep cleaning
  • Office removals
  • Crime scene clearance
  • Storage Clearance

Free Home Survey

free home survey

How not to get ripped of?

Our house removal web cams will be fitted on vans and in places where the client will be able to see us in action; you will get an insight into just what goes on with a house move or clearance! You can keep an eye on us. This idea is also great for clients who prefer to be billed by the hour as they will be able to always ascertain that the hours they pay for are used as intended.

What other services do you offer?

The planned introduction of these high tech house removal web cams is an initiative of Phoenix in their bid to continue to set the standard in professional removal services. Phoenix is a professional firm that offers a wide range of comprehensive removals, clearance and cleaning services. With its impressive list of happy clients (including some interesting personalities) and its wide reach of operations, Phoenix has carved a niche for itself as the number one choice for removals, house clearances, cleaning and related services.

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