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Do you need a mini move?

Are you having trouble finding a company?

Do you need a company that will move your small load?



Mini moves - the small moving experts!


Did you know there is a company that specializes in small moves near you?

Affordable Removals have been providing a unique mini moves solution from city to city within the UK since 1998. We have vehicles dedicated to small loads and mini moves. With our mini moves service you will save yourself the time and hassle of hiring a van, or if you're thinking of using a moving company, you would spend less money than you would have done using a removal company suited more for larger moves.

So what exactly do we do?

Summary of our services:

  • Door to door service
  • 24 hour service
  • Packing materials/boxes
  • Full goods in transit insurance
  • House removals
  • Storage
  • Weekly part loads service
  • Full/part packing service
  • Fully equipped furniture removal trucks
  • Single item part loads
  • Cleaning service
  • Mini moves
  • Return loads from Scotland
  • Waste collection
  • Experienced movers
  • Free boxes
  • 8 in 1 service
  • Helpful uniformed Staff

So why should you book with us?

Your possessions will be treated as if they belonged to us!

We are "unique", WHY? Because we have many years of experience and in that time we have learned exactly what customers like you need! That's why we introduced our mini moves service, we know you're on a budget, need a 24 hour service need some free boxes and feel like they're dealing with a professional company!

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Learn how we save you money?

Our mini moves service can save you money in many ways. For a start when you book with us you won't have the hassle of trying to hunt boxes down, we will give you some! We have small, medium and large vans, many removal companies force you into using their huge removal lorries and charging you for the privilege. We think this is unfair!

Whether you require return loads from Scotland or our mini moves service we are confident we will save you money! We will always try and get you on our part loads schedule, if you can wait a few days this could be the best option this could save you up to 50%!

Book your mini move now and claim your free boxes!

24 hour service!

If you're still not impressed with our small removals and mini moves service how about a 24 hour service so we can work around your hectic lifestyle rather you struggling to find a mover that will come to your aid after 5.00pm. You can also book with us online 24 hours a day!


What is goods in transit insurance?

Goods in transit insurance is very important! If our vans are involved in a collision this insurance protects your cherished possessions against accidental damage! You would be surprised how many removal companies don't have valid goods in transit insurance, always always  double check directly with the insurance broker! You can see our goods in transit insurance here! We've nothing to hide!

But couldn't I just hire a van to move my stuff?


No goods in transit insurance
Sorry to inform you there will be no goods in transit insurance for your mini move when you hire a van.

No protection for your furniture
Unfortunately hire vans don't come with any protection for your property.

Premium for one way van hire
Congratulations! You've managed to find a van rental company that lets you drive one way; they however forgot to tell you it comes at a premium!

Large deposit
You will be required to pay a large returnable deposit or is it returnable Learn more…

Back injuries
Please watch your back! Especially if you haven’t done any strenuous work for a while, the shock may just put your back out. how much is your back worth! Learn more...

Vehicle overloaded
Please be aware if you overload a hire van you will be liable to a large fine, VOSA will also seize the van from you Learn more…

Book your small removal now! Forget the van hire!


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