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Recycling services

are you in need of recycling Services?



what recycling services do you need?

Phoenix House Clearances has had many years of experience in the recycling services and waste management business; we offer recycling services and also a unique 8-in-1 complimentary service, we deal with all types of waste from domestic house clearances or industrial waste from businesses.

Phoenix House Clearances – experts in recycling services.

Who is responsible for your waste?

Each year Britain produces more and more waste. Over the years the government has produced environmental legislation that has now put the onus of responsibility upon you, the waste producer. As a result it is now your responsibility to use a professional recycling services company whenever possible.

whats the best way to get rid of waste?

In the past recycling your waste was simple! All that was required was the separation of paper, metals, or glass. However the development of advanced waste recycling techniques over recent years plus the large increases in landfill tax now makes it much more sense to use a professional recycling services company.

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what items do we recycle?

At Phoenix House Clearances we can collect and recycle almost any type of waste. The main items we collect and recycle are listed below:

  • Food & Catering items
  • Computer recycling and disposal
  • Confidential Waste disposal
  • Computer Monitor disposal
  • Glass recycling and disposal
  • Alkaline Battery Disposal
  • Chemical waste
  • Paper shredding service
  • Nickel Cadmium NiCd Battery
  • Vegetable oil recycling
  • Photographic waste
  • Cheap skip hire alternatives
  • Dry cleaning waste
  • Catering waste
  • Electrical and electronic recycling
  • Metal waste recycling

do we have an emergency call out service?

We are experts in our field; we have provided hassle-free recycling services, domestic and commercial clearances, office, waste clearances and are one of the few companies that offer crime scene and bio-hazard cleaning. We offer a 2 hour call out service 24 hours a day in emergency situations, we are committed to fast response times, value for money and excellent customer service at all times!

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how do we take care of electrical waste?

At Phoenix we really do care, we want to help protect the planet! We also want to provide you with a second to none service. Our recycling services includes a strict and comprehensive step by step process. Electrical waste needs to be handled differently to standard household waste, our specialist recycling services handles that.

what about confidential waste?

What if you have confidential or personal documents or hard drives that need to be destroyed so sensitive information is not disclosed. We can shred your documents in front of you if you wish or film this process for you. Hard drives can be permanently erased or destroyed at your discretion the choice is yours. This is one of the many recycling services we offer.


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