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House Contents Clearance services

There are many reasons why it may be necessary to clear the contents of a house (also known as “house contents clearance”).  You may have just purchased a home or property, and need to remove rubbish or accumulated junk left by the previous owner. Or, perhaps you are selling a home, and need to get it ready for sale.

how to handle a house contents clearance?

Many people who contact Phoenix House Clearances for a house contents clearance sometimes need help with an estate clearance, or help with the clearance of the house contents of a family member. Whatever the reason, Phoenix can help you with the clearance of your house contents quickly, easily, and professionally. Even better, our services often cost less than renting a skip, also saving you time and money.

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Phoenix House Clearances are also experienced in the removal of large items often included in a house contents clearance. We can save you hours of frustration and backbreaking labour when you use our services. Whether it’s heavy boxes, furniture, or household appliances, just let us know what it is, and what you want done with it, and we’ll take care of the rest. A house contents clearance doesn't’t have to be difficult or overwhelming – and it may be much more inexpensive than you think!

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How to avoid a large fine?

With our house contents clearance service you won’t have to lift a finger or load up a van and make several trips to dispose of the items from your house. Instead, we will come in, sort and box all items, and dispose of unwanted items properly. We will recycle as much as possible, and properly dispose of the rest. You won’t have to worry that you will be held liable for fly-tipping or other illegal dumping as we can provide proof of where your items have been disposed out.

d.I.Y not the best option!

Consider the cost of disposing large amounts of years worth of accumulated junk from a property... you have to spend days sorting through piles of stuff, load up a vehicle or truck (maybe you have to hire a truck), pay for the petrol to drive items to where they need to be (the landfill, a charity organization, a recycling centre, etc), and if you’re dealing with a lot of items, you may have to do all of this several times before your house contents clearance project is done!

summary of our Services:

  • Home moving service
  • House contents clearances
  • House furniture clearance
  • boxes supplied
  • packing service
  • Packing materials supplied
  • crime scene cleaning
  • Bio-hazard cleaning
  • cluttered house clearance
  • Trauma cleans
  • Clearance specialists
  • Home sitting service
  • miscellaneous property services
  • Property maintenance services

should you hire a skip?

Even hiring a skip can be expensive: by the time you’ve paid for permits, skip size, etc, you'll probably be looking at quite a hefty bill. Phoenix Removals can remove all that stress, and get the job done quickly and easily for you. Just contact us to tell us about your house contents clearance requirements.

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