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Manchester House Removals

Sunetra SarkerWhy your business needs a comprehensive Manchester removals service?

You need to get a professional Manchester house removals company if you are planning a business move within Manchester or Greater Manchester city. Hiring a professional removal service helps to make the move quicker and easier and greatly reduces stress.

Professionals have the needed skills and tools to handle everything for you while you focus on handling your core business. This way the move can be done smoothly and quickly to enable business resume its operations as soon as possible.


Do you need a company that can mutitask?

Why use us?

  • Member of the UK House Clearance Association
  • Great testimonials
  • Member of Guild of Master Craftsmen etc
  • 10% of for online bookings
  • Free boxes if needed
  • Free basic house clean if required
  • 24/7 emergency service available
  • Over 13 years experience
  • 8-in1-service
  • Checkable licence status

How to choose the right firm?

A comprehensive professional Manchester house removals service includes handling all aspects of the move including the packing and boxing of all business items and equipment in your old location. That means that you do not have to worry about getting moving boxes, packaging, sorting and labeling. The removals service will come with the needed manpower to handle all that. They will also be responsible for loading all items onto the moving van and conveying it to the new location.

Areas of coverage

Our house removals service within the Manchester region covers Manchester and Greater Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale, Bolton, Salford, Bury and all other areas of Manchester.

Do you require a packing service?

With a comprehensive Manchester house removals service it is highly unlikely you will have issues with missing items or delays in your move. As professionals we will properly plan the entire move and would be sure to properly pack and catalogue each item before moving them. It is however advised that you handle the packaging and removal of personal items such as flowers, personal papers, cash, pictures and vital documents. 

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Summary of services from Phoenix

  • House removals
  • Storage solutions
  • Packing service
  • Boxes and packing materials supplied
  • Probate house clearances
  • Property cleaning service
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Deep cleaning service
  • Crime scene cleaning
  • Office moves
  • Nationwide part load deliveries
  • Office clearance
  • Crime scene clearance
  • Storage Clearance

office moves

Do you require a complete office removal service?

Comprehensive greater Manchester removals service will also include off loading the items at the new location and arranging and putting everything back in place. Opting for a complete removal service to handle everything offers a business multiple advantages.

Would you like your office setting up?

You only need to provide minimal instructions including a detailed floor plan of the new business location. The floor plan will contain vital information to show where you want each item, equipment and desk set up in the new office. With such a detailed guide the service provider will have no problem setting up your new office.

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