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At Phoenix House Clearances we work with many different clients such as estate agents, solicitors, funeral directors and the council! Many local council house clearances are done by there own in house team, however we do a lot of work for the council as well. This is because we offer many other complimentary services such as our bio hazard, trauma and crime scene cleaning services, these activities need the services of qualified personnel.

whats your emergency?

We also offer an emergency 24/7 call out service! The council finds this invaluable when faced with an emergency such as a violent crime where blood may need to be professionally cleaned or when a death has occurred and the body has been there for weeks or even months. We are qualified to deal with such council house clearances because we have been professionally trained by the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners.

Why use phoenix house clearances?

We have been in the house clearance business for over 12 years now, before that the proprietor Mark Healy had been an industrial cleaner for 10 years, for this reason Mark created Phoenix House Clearances and in doing so a highly pro active house clearance, trauma and bio hazard cleaning company was born which is exactly what many council house clearances need.

If you would like to discuss a council house clearance, or any other type of property clearance then please phone us on 0800 234 3103 or 0784 537 7429, alternatively you can contact us or pay a deposit via your credit or debit card here.

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What are our credentials?

Council house clearances are a little different to a private or commercial clearance, we understand this which is why many councils use us. We're also a favorite because of the level of training we put our staff through, at present we are registered and have been trained by National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners, The UK House Clearance Association, and The Environment Agency. Along with these is a fine collection of testimonials.

Summary of our council house clearance services:

  • Council house clearances
  • Probate clearances
  • Tinning up services
  • Water damaged properties cleared
  • Fire damaged properties cleared
  • C.R.B checked
  • Graffiti removal
  • Pest control
  • Building cleans
  • Kitchen/bathroom rip outs
  • Key holding service
  • Home clearance
  • Trauma and bio hazard cleans

New services coming shortly!

At Phoenix House Clearances we are always looking to improve or add new services to the mix! Many of the council house clearances we do are actually vandalized properties, in these situations many of the properties require a full tinning up of the windows and doors, some properties need to be alarmed and have graffiti removed. These are services we will be adding soon.

fly tipping epidemic!

Many council house clearance properties we undertake can and often does have fly tipped waste inside and outside the properties, this is rubbish tipped there by unscrupulous 3rd parties and even rouge house clearance companies. The council and police try hard to crack down on fly-tippers, people that illegally dump their waste or other peoples waste on private land cause huge problems for the people that live in the local area.



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