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House Clearance FAQs:

1. Why should you choose Phoenix House Clearances?
2. What's our promise to you?
3. What items do you clear?
4. Is your company insured against accidents or injury?
5. Are you a registered waste carrier?
6. What happens when you undertake a house clearance?
7. Do you charge by the hour or job?
8. Do you buy any items?
9. Is it a good idea to e-mail you some pictures of the house clearance first?
10. Do you recycle any items?
11. Where do you take the items?
12. What areas do you cover?
13. What are your working days and times?
14. Can you clean the property once it has been cleared?
15. What if I'm not near the property, can you help?
16. Do you disconnect washing machines, cookers etc?
17. What do you do with any personal items you may find etc?
18. What happens if you find anything of value in the property?
19. Do I have to be at the property while your clearing it?
20. How soon can you clear my property?
21. What sort of vans do you use?
22. Do you clear the whole property?
23. What payment methods do you take?
24. What if I want some items back from the recycling centre?
25. Do I have to pay VAT?
26. Can I see your Waste Carriers Licence?


Why should you choose us?

There are many reasons to book through Phoenix Property Services, firstly we have a very good reputation to maintain, we are fully registered to carry waste and are members of the UK House Clearance Association and the Environment Agency. We are a Christian company and offer a sympathetic service during this stressful period, but don't take our word for it, read our testimonials here.

We are members of the UK House Clearance which means we have to operate according to a strict code of conduct. Top^


Our Promise To You!

We will treat your items with respect
We will not let you down
We will recycle up to 80%

Notice: This paragraph is taken from the website:

If fly-tipped waste is traced back to a particular household, the householders could be fined up to £5000. However, the ultimate aim is not to fine people, but to ensure that they use registered waste carriers.Top^

What items do you clear?

Our house clearance service covers a wide range of properties such as schools, churches, pubs, deceased estates, verminous properties, repossessed houses, flats, offices, commercial or domestic properties plus many other types of properties. We clear most items and start from top to bottom, regardless of how bad a property is! We clear fridges, cookers, attics, cellars, sheds, garages, carpets, food from cupboards etc. We do not leave a property until it is complete, most clearances are done in a day, some however can take up to a week! We have even cleared unused cars, caravans and even boats. Top^

Notice! When we clear verminous or cluttered properties we always keep a look out for any items that may have sentimental value such as photographs, legal documents, money, or other valuable items, many clients ask us to look out for these items and we are more than happy to return these items to the customer, well we have a reputation to maintain!

Unfortunately there are a few items we cannot take due to restrictions beyond our control such as gas bottles, paint, and chemicals. Your local council will be able to advise you on how to dispose of these items. Top^

Is your company insured against accidents or injury?

Yes, we have full public liability insurance in place. Please take a look at our full public liability document here! Top^

Do you have a full waste carriers licence?

Yes, we are a professional firm. You can view our up to date waste carriers licence here Top^

What is involved in a house clearance?

When you book your house clearance with us we will normally ask for some pictures of the property, this will enable us to give you an accurate quote. We will then arrange a time and date to clear your property from top to bottom, (you don't even need to be at the property) we can usually clear an average house in a day! Top^

Do you provide a day rate or hourly rate?

We always quote a day rate! We have found this to be a much fairer system and this way you know what your paying. We will normally give you a price over the phone, via e-mail or you can even book online and receive a 10% discount. The price we actually quote you for an average house is cheaper than using skips in most cases, plus you don't have to lift a finger, mess around with skip delivery times, permits and in some cases planning permission! Top^

Do you buy items?

No, we are strictly a clearance company. Top^

Can I e-mail you some photographs of the property clearance?

Yes of course, this helps us and you at the same time, many clients send us a few pictures of the rooms that need to be cleared, this helps us in determining how many members of staff to bring on the day and also how many hours the clearance will roughly take. If you're needing a house clearance please e-mail your pictures to If you don't have time to take pictures please call us and we will give you a price over the phone. Top^

Do you recycle the items you take?

Normally we can recycle up to 80% of the items we take away through various channels, this is great news for the environment! We only use recycling centres that spend the time and effort separating metals, wood, plastic etc, this costs us more time and money but its worth it, we also donate many items to charity. Many house clearance companies use land fill sites as its easier and cheaper for them, we want to help save the planet instead, don't you! Top^

Where do you take all the rubbish?

When we undertake your house clearance we will take any non reusable items to a registered Waste and Recycling Centre. If there are some usable items such as furniture, bric-a-brac or clothing items then we would usually give these items to charity shops. Top^

What areas do you cover?

We cover many area's in the UK, to see exactly which area's we cover please see our house clearance coverage section of the site. Top^

What days and times do you work?

We are the only house clearance company that offers a 24/7 service! No other company does this! we do however charge extra for emergency house clearances that need to be done outside normal business hours. Top^

Do you offer a cleaning service?

Yes, we offer a free basic clean which we do after each house clearance or a deep cleaning service which is chargeable. Top^

What if I don't live in the local area?

That's no problem! We undertake many house clearances in the absence of the client, you can leave the keys with a neighbour, your solicitor, or an estate agent. You can even send us the keys via recorded delivery through the post! We will return them the same way once the clearance is complete Top^

Do you disconnect all appliances?

Yes, we will disconnect appliances if your appliances have a standard connection! Top^

What if I need personal or private documents disposed of?

No problem! For an extra fee you can have any personal or private documents shredded using our mobile shredding machine, we will do this in your presence or if you cannot be at the property we can film this process for your piece of mind! Top^

What happens if you find something valuable in a house?

Over the years we have found many valuable items and have always informed the client! Sometimes customers allow us to keep these items, but in most cases we return items at the clients request. Please read this testimonial from one of our valued customers here. Top^

Can I leave you to get on with the clearance after you arrive?

Yes, if you simply need to let us into the property and leave us to it that's no problem at all! All we need is a mobile number to contact you during the day while we undertake the house clearance in case we need to ask you any questions or run into a problem while your not there. Sometimes the clearance of a deceased person can stir strong emotions and some customers can find the experience distressing! We understand this and for this reason we are more than happy to work independently. Top^

When can you do the house clearance?

We can usually do a house clearance within 24 hours of you calling us! Remember we can be at the property when you can't! Top^

What vans do you use?

To carry out a professional house clearance and to ensure we don't have to do more than one trip to the recycling centre we only use large Luton type vans that most house removal companies use. We have marked and unmarked vans if this is what you need, please tell us when you book. Top^

Do you guarantee to clear the whole property?

Yes! unlike some house clearance companies we will clear all items from top to bottom including carpets etc, the only things we cannot take are hazardous materials as mentioned above. The last thing you want during this stressful time is a company that cannot complete the clearance because they cannot fit everything into their van leaving you with the stress and hassle of trying to find another firm at short notice.

Unless the property requires packing or is severely cluttered we will clear the property in one day even if we have to do a second trip, this will not cost you any extra as long as we have loaded everything by 5.00pm.

If your property is severely cluttered and we have to come back on a second day or more then our standard day rate will apply, if the house clearance goes slightly over a day and requires a couple of hours extra to complete the job then we will just charge you an extra £50 per hour for every additional hour you need us there. Top^

What payment methods do you offer?

We would like your money! Therefore we have tried to make it easy for you to pay, we accept the following payment methods:

You can pay by debit or credit card, American express, pay pal, direct bank transfer or deposit or cash on the day. You can even book and pay online and receive an extra 10% of. Once you have paid we will issue you with an invoice detailing the cost and where we have taken your items, we can even fax, e-mail, or post a copy of the invoice from the recycling centre for your piece of mind. Top^

What if I want some of my items back after you have taken them?

Unfortunately it will be very unlikely to be able to retrieve items once they have been taken to the recycling centre as many items are crushed upon arriving to prepare items before the recycling process begins. However you may get lucky! We are more than happy to give you all the contact details of the facility so you can contact them yourself or we can try and retrieve items ourselves on your behalf, we would however have to charge for this service. Top^

Do I have to pay VAT?

The good news is we do not charge VAT on our house clearance service as we are still under the VAT bracket, however we get charged VAT at the recycling centre so we have to pass this cost on.

Can I see your Waste Carriers Licence?

Of course! In fact we always carry a laminated copy of our Waste Carriers Licence in the van for your complete peace of mind.

Final Note! If you decide not to use are services that's fine, we won't hold it against you but please please think twice when using a cheap firm, ask questions, do they have a licence to trade in waste, are they insured, do they have full public liability insurance, if not the company in question could land you in a whole load of trouble!

Remember the article from defra. There are also some real life horror stories on the UK House Clearance site which you can read about! Last but certainly not least some of you may have seen the latest programme on BBC1 called Filthy Rotten Scoundrels if not please click the link, it makes rather disturbing viewing! Top^

5 grand fine


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