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Domestic House Clearances

Are you in need of a domestic house clearance?

Phoenix House Clearances are a UK house clearance company with 5 offices in the north of England covering all the Yorkshire counties, Manchester, Greater Manchester and Humberside. We are a family run business specializing in domestic house clearances, domestic cleaning and crime scene cleaning! We deal with properties of all types and in all conditions. Many properties we deal with have been damaged by tenants or have been vandalized. We also provide a free basic house clean after each domestic house clearance.

Other Reasons To Use Us!

  • Great testimonials
  • Member of Guild of Master Craftsmen
  • 10% off for online bookings
  • Free boxes if needed
  • We help charities
  • Free basic house clean if required
  • 24/7 emergency service available
  • Over 13 years experience
  • 8-in1-service
  • Checkable licence status


Do you need a company that will turn up?

We are a reliable firm and always turn up on the day! We have many testimonials which you can read here. We are also a member of the UK House Clearance Association and the Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners. We're also a green and environmentally friendly company which recycles 75% of waste.

Do you want to use a registered company?

Phoenix also have full public liability insurance and we are also registered with the Environment Agency, we are happy to clear your domestic house clearance in your absence if you are finding it either to difficult to get time of work or live to far away from the property or are finding it to emotionally distressing! WE CAN HELP!

Areas of coverage

As mentioned above we undertake our domestic house clearances within all the Yorkshire areas, Manchester, Greater Manchester and Humberside.

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Summary of services from Phoenix

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What does a waste carrier do?

Phoenix is a legal waste carrier licensed by the Environment Agency; this means we can transport other peoples waste. It is a legal requirement and has been introduced to reduce the amount of fly tipping and other illegal and irresponsible methods some people dispose of waste.

Would you like to check our credentials?

To put your mind at rest you may check our licence status by following this link which will take you to the Environment Agency website. We are registered as Phoenix House Clearances and our registration number is CB/YM3181NP/A001. You can also view our waste carriers licence here. Please be careful when choosing a house clearance company as some unregistered companies will fly tip your waste thereby leaving you vulnerable to a £5000 fine if the waste is traced back to you!

What would you like to do next?

What would you like to do next?