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cheap skip hire alternativesSkips on wheels


Are you looking for a skip hire alternative?

Do you want to sell/rent your property faster?


Skips on wheels service, the easy & green alternative!

Skips on wheels is an alternative to expensive beuacratic skip hire! Our service is cheaper, better, and less hassle than hiring a skip. For more than 12 years now we have provided a skip hire alternative with these added benefits....

  • No skip hire permits
    No hidden costs & faster service
  • No parking permits
    No extra costs or hassle
  • We do all the work
    No extra costs or hassle
  • Larger size
    14 cubic yards (x2 more than a skip)
  • Volume based rates
    You only pay for what you use

Why not skip the hassle?

Skip hire often means hassle. Can the company turn up on the day and time specified by YOU! If your skip is on the street a skip hire permit (and possibily a parking suspension too). This all adds to the already expensive skip hire service, you will then need to fill the skip yourself (and also watch out for 3rd parties using "YOUR SKIP" for their garbage). On top of this you may be fined if you put certain items in the skip!

See what other customers have been saying about us!

Two large skips would probably be more than what our full service costs, plus with our service Today hiring a skip is expensive and may require a permit, and watch the droconial powers of the police come into force if you block a road with one! "THE SOLUTION" Affordable Removals can provide you with our skips on wheels service.

Free boxes and a free house clean!


When you book our skips on wheels service we will give you some free boxes so you can pack up some of your valuables just to say thanks! We will also provide a free house clean if you book with us now, alternatively you can check out our prices or FAQs first, to see which areas we cover for this particular service please check out our house clearance coverage section.

8-in-1 service

We also provide many other services to complement our skips on wheels facility such as house removals, nationwide part load deliveries, storage, house cleaning, packing, ect

Summary of services waste carriers licence

  • House contents clearance
  • Help renting your property
  • House removals
  • storage
  • Carpet steam cleaning/shampooing
  • packing & packing materials supplied
  • Verminous house clearance
  • Property cleaning service
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Deep cleaning service
  • Void property cleaning
  • Rubbish removal
  • Factory & Shop Floor Clearance
  • Office clearance
  • Government building clearance
  • Storage Clearance

book your house clearance now!

Below cowboys at work

void property cleaning

This is how "NOT" to do a house clearance. This is how many of the cheap and nasty house clearance companies deal with your waste, but it will be "YOU" who gets procecuted, there 're many horror stories at the UK House Clearance Association of which we are a member!

DON'T BELIEVE ME, some unsuspecting consumers have already been procecuted! All it takes is an old bill, or letter with your name on it, then the police have all the evidence they need.

Below: A professional recycling centre, after our skips on wheels service is complete this is where your household waste should end up, NOT DUMPED ON THE STREET! Our service is very reasonably priced, please don't use these cowboys!

House clearance recycling centre

Are you finding it difficult to get to the property due to other commitments?

Thats fine! Many of our clients simply cannot get to the property due to work, family commitments or they may live to far away. THIS IS THE SERVICE YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!

24 hour service! (even on Sundays)

Over the years we have dealt with many clients simply over the phone or internet, infact about 30% of out customers are not present when the house clearance is done, most of the time it is'nt neccessary!

For the customer that wants to be there but can't take a day of work we offer our skips on wheels service 24 hours a day by prior arrangement! no other house clearance company does that!

Are you emotionally attached to the property ?

Delays in completing your property clearance may be due to emotional attachments to the house in question, we know this is a very hard time for you! BUT YOU MUST ACT!

Ask yourself the following questions:

Is the property empty?

Are there any valuables in the property?

Does the property have a working burglar alarm?

Do you have a neighbour watching your house?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions our skips on wheels house clearance service can help, we can undertake this clearance in your absence if necessarry, or you are unable to get to the property. All we require are the keys and in some cases we could have your property cleared, cleaned, and secured within 24 hours! Pictures can be emailed to you if you wish.

Sell your house faster!

book your house clearance now!

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