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Manchester house clearance services

Manchester house clearance service guide.

What you will pay for a professional Manchester house clearance service depends on a number of factors. A professional Manchester house clearance company like Phoenix can handle any type of clearance service anywhere within Manchester and surrounds. The cost of the service vary depending on the exact type of service needed.


What type of service do you need?

There are various types of Manchester house clearance options to choose from which attract different costs. The most expensive service involves a complete house clearance that offers the full range of house clearing services such as a full pack of the contents, clearing the property then deep cleaning the house. This type of clearance involves 3 of our services which is obviously more expensive than a standard home clearance.

Other Reasons To Use Us!

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  • Free boxes if needed
  • We help charities
  • Free basic house clean if required
  • 24/7 emergency service available
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  • Checkable licence status

Would you like a free home clean?

Whichever service option you choose, Phoenix will handle the sorting, boxing, packaging and carrying of your possessions from the house to the removal van or truck, and then off-loading everything and rearranging them at the new location or sorting items at the recycling centre. This option is best for busy people and those who would rather leave it all to the professionals. This service option usually attracts free complimentary services such as a free basic home clean after the clearance is complete.

Areas of coverage

We provide our house clearance services in all areas of Manchester and Greater Manchester including Salford, Stockport, Longsight, Moston, Prestwich, Stretford and Didsbury.

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Summary of services from Phoenix

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Do you want a cheaper option?

The next service option is cheaper, but does not offer all the services as the first option. With this option, Phoenix only handles the carrying of household items to the moving van, transporting them to the recycling centre or off-loading them at the new location. You will thus have to handle the boxing, packaging and preparation of items to be moved before the removal personnel arrives.

what are the Other factors that effect price?

Other factors that will affect the cost of a Manchester house clearance service include the distance to be covered between the old and new location. The farther the location the more you will have to pay. The quantity of items to be cleared and moved is another decisive factor that may affect price, also the cleanliness of the property. Does it need a deep clean? Is there any hazardous waste to remove?

By taking time to search out a professional Manchester house clearances service provider, you will be able to get efficient services at competitive prices. Did you know we also provide a professional house clearance in Bramhall service within Cheshire.

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