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Useful Packaging Tips
Here is a collection of great packaging tips that can help you get your items all packed and boxed ready for the movers. This article will also include packing advice.


We are currently updating our system which will allow you to purchase packing materials online via this site; while we update this section of the site we cannot sell any boxes or packing materials; we however hope to get this new system up and running asap!

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What's the best way to pack?

You will probably always come across this very important tip each time you read an article on packaging and moving. This is because of the importance of this advice. You need to start planning, sorting and boxing items well in advance, unless you will be hiring a removals service to handle that for you. If you are doing the packing yourself, you can save yourself a whole lot of stress by starting early.

When is the best time to start packing?

We would recommend starting to pack 28 days before the day of your move; not the day before your move! To make things move smoothly and quickly you will need to stock up on the right supplies. These include getting lots of boxes, paper stickers, packing foam, binding tape and even rubber bands. Having these supplies handy will make your job easier.

What's the best advice?


Areas of coverage

Our packing materials will be available throughout the UK, we will be offering a next day delivery service, this service will be up and running very soon! Please check the site soon to check on progress.

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Summary of Packing Services From Phoenix

  • House removal boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Part home packing service
  • Full packing service
  • Packing paper
  • Van and man service
  • Home cleaning
  • Office removals
  • House clearance
  • Storage

van and man service

Tips on packing your computer!

If you will be handling the boxing and packaging of your household items yourself, you will need to have it all done before the movers arrive. This also includes packing and boxing major appliances like your plasma TV, computers and the likes. You need to take time to package these items properly so that you don't run into the problem of looking for more boxes. As a tip, it helps to pack all parts of an appliance together. So your computer system complete with keyboard, mouse and extension cords should be packed together. You may also need to label wires and connections to be able to easily fix it all back together without professional help when you arrive at the new location.

How to pack your fragile items?

Take care with your mirrors, pictures and frames so as not to scratch the surface or chip the corners. Wrap them up properly and do not pack them along with items that can break or scratch them. Same care should be applied when packaging plates, china and flatware; if in doubt leave it to the professionals!

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