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Moving to London - The plan!

London is an amazing place! It is a vibrant, diverse and a dynamic city. It is Europe's biggest city with a population of over 7 million. We help clients who are moving to London on a weekly basis. We provide small and large scale removals as well as mini moves to and from London. We also provide many other services.

Your possessions will be treated as if they belonged to us!

Why should you book with us?

We're different and unique! We offer much more than just a "moving to London service".

Summary of our services:

  • Door to door service
  • 24 hour service
  • Packing materials/boxes
  • Full goods in transit insurance
  • House removals
  • Storage
  • Weekly part loads service
  • Full/part packing service
  • Fully equipped furniture removal trucks
  • Single item part loads
  • Cleaning service
  • Mini moves
  • return loads
  • Experienced movers
  • Free boxes
  • Helpful uniformed Staff

Can you handle London?

Moving to London may not be to everyone's taste! Each individual has a city that speaks to them! London is considered to be one of the best places to live in the world. People want to live there so they can have the're finger on the pulse! London has some of the best fashion, art galleries, clubs, restaurants, and high street shops.

Moving to London will be an experience thats for sure! Some parts of London never sleep, it is a busy, hectic place. Every city has its pros and cons. London has some of the most amazing things to offer but it's also a very expensive place to live, and the weather isn't its biggest high point. Each person needs to decide what the benefits and down-falls of moving to London are.

Have you planned your move to London?

Are you sure you have done your homework before you set of to the "BIG APPLE" London is hectic, have a look at our moving to London forum guide, the're lots of people there with the same needs as YOU! Maybe you could help each other.

What would you like to do next?

When you're moving to London you need a reliable company you can trust! We have a base both in London and in West Yorkshire in the North of England. These two points are infact the two most popular areas people in England move between, more people tend to head south however.

Learn how we can save you money?

Affordable Removals are experts in moving people to London! We have done this a thousand+ times! All our removal porters have been specifically trained by our Trade Association partners. We can ususlly save you money to by getting you on our back-loads schedule!

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24 hour service!

For a city that hardly sleeps moving to London is a simple process with Affordable Removals. We can organize (by prior arrangement) a London removal at any time to suit you. You can even book online outside normal office hours 24 hours a day! Please read our FAQs regarding this service.

mini moves

What is goods in transit insurance?

We have goods in transit insurance in force at all times! You can view our goods in transit insurance here! Please beware when choosing your removal company, many do not have any insaurance in force! Moving to London means you could be travelling hundreds of miles so its vital you have this insurance in place to protect your property in the event of an accident.

But couldn't I just hire a van to move my stuff?


  • No goods in transit insurance
    Unfortunately when you hire a van the company is under no obligation to cover your possessions.
  • No protection for your furniture
    Likewise when you hire a van there will be no protection for your be-longings.
  • Preminum for one way van hire
    Just when you thought you were saving money by one way van hire, you then get charged a premium at the other end.
  • Large deposit
    Hiring a van to try and save money can actually cost you money especially when you don't get your deposit back. Learn more…
  • Back injuries
    Van hire and back injuries go hand in hand, especially when your not used to lifting heavy objects.
  • Vehicle overloaded
    Have you thought about what would happen if VOSA got their hands on you! If you over-load your van and are stopped by VOSA, its game over, don't believe me Learn more…


    Book your small removal now! Forget the van hire!

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