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Commercial Moves

Do you require a professional commercial removal service?

Are you worried about losing money?

A major concern when planning commercial moves is the loss of productive working hours that results. Most businesses cannot function or operate at full capacity during a move. It is thus necessary to plan business moves to take as short a time as possible to enable the business to resume and start functioning as soon as possible. You can contact us anytime for more advice. Here are some simple tips to help.

Do you have time to move your own office?

Packaging and carting of office and business items should be done in a way that makes it possible to set them back up quickly and easily. For example, file cabinets can be moved without removing the contents. Simply ensure that the drawers are secured and move the entire item. Contents from file cabinets, bookcases and bookshelves should be placed in moving boxes, properly labeled and moved. Contents of large data rooms, libraries and stored documents should be moved using book carts. This saves the materials and time used.


We offer much more than just house removals in South Yorkshire:

Are you starting to get stressed out?

All items to be moved during commercial moves should have clear non-confusing labels and moving boxes should not be overfilled. Preparation for the move should be done in advance to make the eventual move easier. Employees should be asked to pick up loose files, papers, pens and other items in the work area and desk drawers and place in cardboard moving boxes. To pass through the doorways, desks are likely to be turned sideways, so the drawers should be emptied or secured tight.

Areas of coverage

We undertake commercial removals of all types such as offices, schools, government buildings etc. These moves are done in all areas of Yorkshire and Humberside and Manchester.

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  • House removals
  • Storage solutions
  • Packing kits
  • Bespoke boxes and packing materials
  • Verminous house clearances
  • Property cleaning service
  • Crime scene clearances
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Crime scene cleaning
  • Doctor removals
  • Deep home cleaning
  • Office clearance
  • Crime scene clearance
  • Storage Clearance

Doctor removals

doctor removalsdoctor removals service

Are you worried about your computers?

Computers should be disconnected prior to the arrival of the movers with their extension cords rolled up, placed along with the computer and properly labeled. If you need us to pack your pcs we have special boxes for this task. Personal items such as photographs and plants should be taken care of by their owners. Leaving potted plants for commercial moves personnel is risky. It is best to handle that yourself.

Are you organized?

Please help us to help you. A floor plan of the new location should be drawn up before actual commercial moves. The plan should clearly state where everything would fit, including each employee’s space and other items. This way it is easy to quickly set up at the new location after the move.

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