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void property services - Clearance Specialists

If you are dealing with the hassal of trying to sort out a void property we fully sympathyse with you; we have a number of void property services we know you will find usefull during this period, we work closely with estate agents, solicitors and housing associations.

why should you use us?

We have undertaken our void property services for many prestigious clients and are members of the UK House Clearance Association and the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners; we also have many testimonials from satisfied customers, we're also the only house clearance company that offers such a vast ammount of complimentary services such as our free basic house cleaning service and nationwide box delivery!

What type of void properties do we clear?

Our void property services have help many clients recover from properties that were fire damaged, flooded, contaminated, vandalised and have also cleaned properties that have recently (or not so recently) had a deceased person in them. Not only do we clear the property but we also offer a professional deep cleaning service for these occations.

House Clear

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do you have clutter to move?

If your home is cluttered or there has been a problem with horders in the property then this could be a health hazard waiting to explode as these types of properties can and do attract rats and other pests. Our void property services is the answer, there's no need to keep this junk in your house any longer, call the experts NOW! Let the experts deal with it, this is what we do for a living all day every day! WE JUST LOVE JUNK.

Summary of our void property services:

  • House removals
  • self storage
  • Packaging boxes delivered nationwide
  • packing service
  • Void property services
  • Clearing fire damaged properties
  • clearing flood damaged properties
  • pest control
  • Crime scene cleaning
  • house sitting
  • key holding service
  • Part House clear service
  • Crime scene clearance
  • Storage Clearance

What do we do with the waste?

As mentioned previously we are members of the UK House Clearance Association; this means we have a strict code of conduct to adhure to, unlike many cheap house clearance companies that then dump your house contents round the corner thus leaving you vunerable to a £5000 fine. Phoenix House Clearances only deal with recycling companies vetted and passed by the government to handle house contents waste and will normally be able to recycle up to 80% of your waste, the rest we take to local charity shops.

the problems of an empty property!

Our void property services can deter an empty property from attracting more than just rats and rodents; most problems are usually caused by the two legged variety! These visitors can cause mayhem if they break into your empty house and become squatters or even steal the copper pipes and boiler etc, the amount of damage these people bring can and does cause many thousands of pounds worth of damage and in most cases your home insurance will not cover you in these circumstances.

Whats the solution?

Why not use our house sitting service? For a small fee we can have someone stay in your property either at night or through the day, or alternatively we can do regular checks on the property.

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