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house clear service - we can help sell your home faster!

A house clearance can dramatically help sell your property must faster and will also help you secure the asking price; our house clear services will help make your home look attractive.
Properties intended for rental or sale will usually need the services of a house clearances specialist. Especially with rental properties, tenants may not take the best care of the property while they are in residence. Worse, when tenants move out of the rental property, they often leave a considerable amount of junk and other household rubbish for clearance.

How to stop tenants damaging your property?

In some cases the tenant should have paid a deposit, however what if the tenant didn't pay a deposit or the damage they have caused exceeds the deposit they paid, in cases like these the landlord or estate agent is entitled to keep the deposit to offset the cost of getting the property back up to standard, our house clear service will help with that. In future its a good idea to charge a substantial deposit to avoid these kinds of problems.

Other ways to protect your property

However, even losing their deposit money is not enough incentive to motivate some rental tenants. Most of the time, tenants rarely leave the property as it was when they moved into it. In such cases, having a rental deposit to pay for house clearances is a smart move on the part of the leasing agent.

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What else will we take away?

In many cases, previous tenants leave behind domestic waste and sometimes other unsavory items that need to be moved, some items may end up damaged and unwanted so some furniture will need to be disposed of. A company that specializes in house clear services will make sure that all hazardous rubbish, scrap metal, and any other junk are included in the house clearance.

Summary of our house clear services:

  • House clear service
  • damaged furniture repaired
  • boxes supplied
  • House clearance Bolton
  • packing service
  • home security services
  • clearance of damaged properties
  • clearing flood damaged properties
  • pest control
  • new tenant search facility
  • house sitting
  • key holding service
  • Commercial clearance
  • storage services
  • Storage units cleared

How to avoid legal action?

This is particularly important, because hazardous items in the basement or attic of the property can be dangerous, particularly for children and pets. It is not unusual to find bottles, debris, old household goods, appliances, alcohol, glass etc. In these areas. Failing to include all waste for disposal during a house clear or other types of house clearances can leave landlords and estate agents vulnerable to lawsuits.

Should You do your own house clearance?

No way!

This is just one of the reasons why it is advantageous to outsource house clearances to a company that specializes in rubbish removal and junk pick up. These companies have experience and the proper equipment to do the job quickly and safely.
No matter how tenants leave the property, a professional house clear service is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure a house that is attractive to prospective buyers and tenants, alike. Whether you intend to lease or sell your property, outsourcing house clearances is just good business.

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