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Void Property Clearance service

A void property clearance requires a professional clearance company to tackle extreme void properties! They can be a messy nightmare for commercial or municipal property owners. These types of properties could contain many hazardous substances. Phoenix House Clearance specialises in clearing abandoned, disused, and vacant properties.

do you need to sell or rent your property faster?

As experts in clearing void properties and business owners ourselves, we understand the need for a quick and efficient turnaround of a void property clearance. Clearance of these void properties is often time-consuming and difficult. Our professional services provide effective and efficient clearance services to void properties, regardless of size or condition, resulting in less downtime, and quicker re-marketing of the property for re-sale or rental.

what sort of people do we work with?

We work with property owners, council agencies, landlords, estate agents, solicitors, and other void property agents to quickly clean and clear all sizes of commercial, rental, or personal properties. Our professionals are experts in the types of rubbish and waste that is typically left in unatended or empty properties, including sharps removals (needle removals) and the removal of hazardous and bio-hazardous materials.

Void Property Services

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do we provide any other services?

Phoenix works with a wide range of clients and companies, and we offer a variety of options and services to suit your budget and your property. From a small rental flat, to an entire commercial warehouse, we can create a void property clearance package that works for you.

Depending on your needs, we can do a full void property clearance, or a part-property clearance for you. We also offer rush services for those under a tight deadline and can be with you within 2 hours. At all times, we will adhere to applicable environmental regulations and duty of care legislation. The services we offer include:

  • Void property clearance
  • Human and animal waste removal
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Void property services
  • Void property cleaning
  • Commercial waste removal, including office or electrical household goods removal
  • Complete and thorough, top-to-bottom property cleaning
  • Garden clearance
  • Speciality void property solutions

who else do we work for?

And it’s not just homeowners that call on Phoenix House Clearances to help with their house rubbish clearance. Landlords, estate agents, and solicitors frequently call on us for a quick and timely house rubbish or void property clearance to help them get their properties ready for immediate rental or sale.

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With Phoenix House Clearances, your void property will be safe, clean, and ready for re-use within the shortest possible time. Some properties can be ready in less than a day!
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