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Phoenix House Clearance Terms & Conditions

1. The services you receive from Phoenix House Clearances are described by the term “House Clearance” which we use to explain and describe the following services, some or all of these services may be required in the process of a House Clearance;


1.1 The professional and legal disposal of all contents from the property based on the information given by the Client (2)
1.2 Disposal usually means using recycling facilities or the use of charity shops (7)
1.3 Large items may need to be broken up, if they are heavy or awkward to move from your property if these items pose a risk of injury or damage to your property.


2. We (Phoenix House Clearances) will need to know the following information from you (the Client) during any conversation, e-mail or other correspondence with you;
2.1 Your full address with post code of the home that needs to be cleared.
2.2 Client telephone number and e-mail (if you have an e-mail address)
2.3 The size of your property and also the type (i.e. terraced, cottage, mansion, pub, storage unit, detached, high rise tower block with or without a lift, nursing home etc.)

2.4 We need to know if your home has an attic, loft, shed, garage or any other areas of your property.
2.5 Full details of any big, unusual, heavy or awkward pieces of furniture or contents (pianos etc.)
2.6 We need details of any pieces of furniture or contents which need to be unfixed (washers, cookers etc.)
2.7 You need to provide full details of any fixtures and fittings which need to be removed or cleaned (carpets, curtains etc.)
2.8 We require details of any harmful or hazardous waste substances or contents (hypodermic needles, chemicals etc.)
2.9 Full details of any verminous waste or decaying food
2.10 If any items of furniture or contents (including fixtures and fittings) of the house which need to stay
2.11 Full details of any cleaning that is required, if a deep clean is required we need as much notice as possible in order to reserve cleaning equipment etc.
2.12 Its vital that you provide full details of parking or (and) any access problems to the property or any entrance restrictions


3. You are responsible for providing all the necessary information and ensure it is correct at the time of booking, you must not knowingly withhold information from us (Phoenix House Clearance)


4. Based on the information supplied to us (Phoenix House Clearances) from part (2) by the client, a fee will be given to you for the clearance of your property. The price will include the house clearance service plus any other specific service specified by you the Client in part (2) and must be agreed by both parties (Phoenix House Clearances) and the Client prior to undertaking of the property clearance.


5. Our House Clearance quote includes a full day’s work between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm regardless of how many trips to the recycling centre we make, our price however does not include fees at the recycling centre, these need to be paid on top of our quote. Our vehicles can carry a maximum weight of 1.5 tons which is adequate for most properties; if an additional trip is required we will advise the client of this as soon as possible. Our house clearance service includes a free basic clean of your property.


6. Unless you have booked and paid online the remaining fee payable is due on the completion of the House Clearance. We (Phoenix House Clearances) prefer payment online (before the house clearance takes place) or cash after completion, "WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES". When you book with us you can either pay a deposit of £50 or pay the full amount on our site.


7. We (Phoenix House Clearance) strive to recycle at least 80% of the waste we collect through a number of channels. This helps us to keep costs down however this largely depends on local recycling facilities, sometimes depending on the items you have, recycling may not be suitable and higher fees may need to be paid in order to dispose of waste professionally.


8. We (Phoenix House Clearances) cannot remove and dispose of hazardous or chemical substances such as paint, fuels, oil, or any other types of chemicals, this is due to insurance and government legislation.


9. We (Phoenix House Clearances) use large Luton vans to carry out your house clearance, this is usually sufficient for most properties, however if two trips are required we will do this for the same price unless we have to work after 5.00pm in which case we will charge you an additional £50 per hour.


10. We (Phoenix House Clearance) must adhere to strict guidelines regarding the weight we carry on our vans, this is currently 1.5 tons, if we feel this weight will be exceeded we have the right to undertake a 2nd trip even if the full volume of the van hasn't been used.


11. Please be aware that we (Phoenix House Clearances) cannot recover items from the recycling centre once we have taken your items there. For this reason we cannot be responsible for any items personal or not that are mistakenly taken to the recycling centre.


12. Please be aware that we (Phoenix House Clearances) reserve the right to change these Terms & Conditions as the law changes and we feel the need to adjust the way we have to do things in order to comply with the law. If these terms and conditions change we will make an announcement on our site.



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