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Renting Your Property

For more than 12 years, Affordable Removals have provided a second-to-none house clearance service, 7 days a week. If you're planning on renting your property, but need to clear your house first, please read on.

We can help you when renting your property; we are unique in the fact that we're one of the few house clearance companies that provide additional services such as house removals, storage, house cleaning, full packing service and can even supply you with packing materials if you need them. You will also find our services cheaper than hiring a skip to complete your house clearance when renting your property.

Free Boxes and A Free House Clean!

We are a member of the BICS (British Institute of Cleaning Science).

We are currently offering a free house clean plus free boxes this month if you book with us now. This will help you in renting your property or alternatively you can check out our prices or FAQs first, to see which areas we cover for this particular service. Please check out our House Clearance Coverage section.

Imagine how it would feel to allow a professional company to clear, pack, and clean your property while you go about your daily business stress-free! Especially if you're not local, selling your house or renting your property just got a whole lot easier.

Summary of Services

  • House Contents Clearance
  • Help Renting Your Property
  • House Removals
  • Storage
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning/Shampooing
  • Packing with Packing Materials Supplied
  • Verminous House Clearance
  • House furniture clearance
  • Property Cleaning Service
  • Hazardous Waste Removal
  • Deep Cleaning Service
  • Waste Collection
  • Factory & Shop Floor Clearance
  • Office Clearance
  • Government Building Clearance
  • Storage Clearance

Please note that if you have a requirement that's not listed above please contact us as we will more than likely be able to help.

Fame At Last!

We are a professional company and have appeared on the hit TV programme 60 Minute Makeover (60MM) and have helped other TV celebrities like Sunetra Sarker from Casualty, Brookside and No Angels TV soap dramas. We are also members of the U.K. House Clearance Association, have full public liability insurance and have also received hundreds of handwritten testimonials, some of which you can read here; See what customers have been saying about us.

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Renting your property need not be stressful. If you need your property cleared in order to rent or sell it let us take the stress from you. We clear properties for a living and can also clean the house ready for rental or sale.

We take EVERYTHING! We don't pick and choose what we want to take like many house clearance companies and some charity organisations; we are there for YOU! And we'll ensure the clearance is done to a high standard. Renting your property has never been easier.

You Can Book Your House Clearance Now! Or Read On For Further Information.

Do You Need To Rent Your Property Urgently?

When renting your property many clients allow us to handle their house clearance while they carry on their day to day business. This saves them time, is convenient, saves money and in many cases the detachment from the emotional trauma of a relative's home can save you a lot of stress! We understand in many cases items at the property can stir strong sentimental memories. 

Do You Need To Be At The Property While We Work?

Renting your property needs planning so if you cannot be at the property due to other commitments please don't panic! We can pick the keys up from your solicitor, estate agent or neighbour and we can then e-mail you pictures of the completed house clearance for your satisfaction.

When renting your property it may need to be cleaned. We take everything including carpets, fridges, cookers, attic and cellar contents, waste collection etc and provide a free house clean. We don't pick and choose what we would like to take unlike many house clearance companies and even some charity organisations will not take certain items. This is usually because of limited space, whereas we have close ties with a lot of charity organisations so can usually get items like clothes, beds etc to the needy much more quickly. Read a letter from Oxfam here.

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Want To Learn How We Can Save You Money and Stress?

For a fraction of the cost of a D.I.Y. house clearance using skips or hiring a van we can provide a professional house clearance with a free house clean! This can be done with or without your presence, plus there is no stress, no pressure and no reminders of the past to upset you. We offer a very understanding and practical service when renting your property. Please read about the effects of stress here. DONT END UP LIKE THIS!

Recycling and Charity Shops

Up to 90% of the items we obtain are either recycled or given to charity shops. If you have a cluttered house, renting your property could help many underprivileged people. Not only that but an estimated £30 million could be saved each year if we all adopted the habit of recycling.

Recycling helps the planet in many ways; it helps by reducing the need to create brand new products, products that can be created from recycled materials can then be produced much cheaper than they would have been if created from scratch. When renting your property, Affordable Removals ensures your unwanted goods use their full potential. What is Recycling?

Are You Emotionally Attached To The Property?

Remove Yourself From The Property

Over the years we have had many clients who have planned on renting their property after a house had been left in a will to them. Many times they try and clear the property themselves only to find this far too emotionally overwhelming, and all this at a time when you're grieving. This is where we step in.

Don't Get Sentimental

You know logically that you don't need any of the items, however you may have grown up with some of these possessions. If you are renting your property these items take up space but every time you go through things to throw them out you just can't. You think about all the memories you had with these items and you get really upset at the thought of throwing them out.

Damage To The Property

Renting your property is a priority. You may cause damage to the house while you are clearing it and you probably won't have any home insurance. As a business we need to have this in force at all times with our public liability insurance. You could however ask your insurance company to change the name of the insured to the estate, that way you will ensure any property damage and liability coverage stays in force.

Valuable Items

Some D.I.Y. house clearances can take years to sort through and dispose of everything. Many items may have been there for decades and it can be insane and heartbreaking. Your relative's house may be hundreds of miles away but you're worried about valuable items. Please read this testimonial here. We have found and given back many valuable items over the years.

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