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Our Prices

Below you will find a very rough guide on our prices, please note for a more detailed price based on your exact requirements please fill in our quotation form here.

House Clearance Prices:

For a standard house clearance we charge our standard day rate which is between £295 - £395 plus a recycling or tipping fee of £150. This price will cover you between the hours of 9.00am to 6.00pm after which we charge either an hourly rate of £45 per hour or for larger house clearances you can opt to pay our day rate again. Please note, if you book online you will receive a 10% discount.

House Removals Prices:

For an average house removal moving within a 30 mile radius we charge a day rate of £295. This price covers you between the hours of 9.00am to 6.00pm (regardless of what the move involves) and is for one Luton van only.

A 2nd Luton van can be provided for half the cost if needed if you are in a chain for example and need to be out of your home by a specified time. After this time frame we charge £35 per hour, if your moving long distance prices vary so please fill out our quotation form here.

Part Loads:

We will undertake a part load to most UK destinations, prices start from £95 we base a part load on the volume of a transit van which is about 4 to 6 cubic metres (one cubic metre is roughly the size of an average fridge).

In order to give you this price you have to be flexible with pickup dates and times as we will need to combine your load with other clients. If you have a bit more than a part load please fill in our quotation form here. or contact us.

Packing Materials:

We have packing materials you can order online which will then be delivered to your door usually the next day. Please go to our packing materials page to view prices and to order.


We can arrange your storage for you! In order to give you the best price possible we need to workout how many cubic metres you have. An average house has usually 20 cubic metres which will cost £120 a month.

Van and man service:

For those of you that are a little strapped for cash (and who isn't right now) we offer a van with a man service from £35 per hour for local work; if you need a man and van to travel long distance we would need to charge you for fuel on top of this.

Overseas Moves:

Depending on the size of vehicle you need for a European removal we can cover most destinations for between £2500 to £3500.


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