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House clearance in North Yorkshire

House clearance in North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire house clearances service guide.

Planning to move or clear a house is quite a tasking process as there are a number of things involved. Here are some simple effective tips that can help you make your North Yorkshire house clearances tasks easier and smoother. If you have any problem you can contact us or simply call us!

Get a head start!

Plan the property clearance well in advance of the proposed date for the house to be cleared. Plan ahead and begin early to look for a house professional house clearance firm. There are several North Yorkshire house clearance service providers to consider. Phoenix is a professional house clearance company which is registered with the UK house clearance association and the Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners.

What if you need to keep items from the house clearance?

There will be occasions when you will want to keep certain items from the clearance, these may be items of great sentimental value! You may not however be in the right emotional state to pack any items yourself, we can do this on your behalf! We also provide a full packing and removal service.

Prepare and gather supplies

You will need lots of boxes (if you are handling the boxing and packaging yourself), tapes, packing foam, stickers and the likes. Depending on the amount of time you can spare and where you live you need to begin sourcing for these materials weeks ahead. When you gather your supplies, begin to go from room to room boxing and packaging all your household items beginning with items that you are not likely to use during the time left before the actual house clearance.

Areas of coverage

As well as providing a professional house clearance in North Yorkshire service we also undertake house removals, cleaning, van with man service and also provide boxes and packing materials within the Yorkshire, Humberside and Manchester regions.

Why not give us a try?

Summary of services from Phoenix

  • House removals
  • Domestic storage
  • Packing kits
  • House packing service
  • Probate house clearances
  • Property cleaning service
  • Needle & sharps removal
  • Steam cleaning
  • Crime scene cleaning
  • South Yorkshire house clearance
  • Deep home cleaning
  • Office removals
  • Crime scene clearance
  • Storage Clearance

South Yorkshire house clearance


Should you use a recommended company?

You can check the internet or ask friends and relatives for referrals. The right provider should be one whom can convince you that they have the right personnel, tools and credibility for the job. You cannot just entrust valuable household and personal items to any firm with a business card. Check to see the type of jobs they have handled in the past and also check to see that they are members of any relevant guild associations.

Keep it small and light

You can make the job of the North Yorkshire house clearance service personnel easier when you package things small and light. Don’t worry if you end up with several small boxes, as long as they are small and light, it will be easy to carry them in and out of the van. When you use big boxes or cram too many items into one box it not only makes them too heavy, but exposes the items to damages.

Make a list

A lot of people fail to do this and end up with preventable headaches when they arrive at their final destination. So, make a list of every item in a box. You should list all the items in each box before you close and seal the box.

What would you like to do next?

What would you like to do next?