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Track your removal van

Stay in control with the track my removal van feature.


Would you like to know where your possessions are 24/7?

Clients usually love to be informed with adequate feedback when dealing with their prized possessions. In the removal and house clearance industry, customers will naturally be worried of the safety and timely arrival of their goods. Clients will thus retain a level of worry until they have been informed of the safe arrival of their household goods and personal effects.

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How can we track our removal van?

This is even more applicable with business moves or when the new location is hundreds of miles and hours away. Clients will evidently feel more at ease if there was a way for them to track the progress of their goods in transit. Against this background, Phoenix, a leader in house removals, home clearance and removal services is planning to introduce a special track my removal van feature. This will be done using satellites!

When will you have this feature up and running?

When the new innovative track my removal van provision is fully implemented, it will be possible for clients to track the position and progress of their removal goods and items in transit. The tracking devices fully equipped with GPS technology will be installed on the removal vans to enable positional tracking. We hope to have this system up and running by March/April 2012.

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Summary of services from Phoenix

  • Household removals
  • Storage & self storage
  • House packing kits
  • Home packing service
  • Probate house clearances
  • Property cleaning service
  • Dangerous needle & sharps clearance
  • Steam cleaning
  • Crime scene cleaning
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  • Deep home cleaning
  • Office removals
  • Crime scene clearance
  • Storage Clearance



Why would you want this feature?

When the proposed track my removal van plan is fully operational, clients who hire our services to help clear out or move their offices, apartments or houses will be given a provision on how to keep track of the removal vans en-route to their proposed destination. This will give you the client peace of mind! This new tracking feature will offer clients an added reason to trust and use our service.

Would you like even more features?

Phoenix is a professional firm that offers a wide range of removal, house clearance and cleaning services. Apart from the intended track my removal van provision, the firm is also planning to implement a house removal web cam feature fitted to the vans. this will enable clients to keep an eye on the work being done even if they are not physically present. Phoenix removals also offer a complimentary free home clean service to all clients who order a house, office, removals or house clearance service.


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