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Junk removers

Do you need junk removing from your premises?

Do you want to sell or rent your property faster?

Do you want to save money by doing nothing?


Waste & Junk removers

Welcome and well done on finding one of the best property clearance and junk removers services on the internet! Affordable Removals offers an 8 in 1 service 24 hours a day! We also offer free boxes and a free house clean if you book online with us now.

Junk removers are our speciality, we are a professional waste and junk house clearance company covering many areas in the UK. For over 12 years Affordable Removals have been one of the UK's premier junk removers, we want your junk!

Why should you book with us?

Since launching in 1998 we rapidly learned what customers wanted, you wanted your property cleared and cleaned, you wanted a house clearance but needed some items delivered elsewhere, some of you wanted your house cleared but needed some items stored, we listened and learned, which is why we're one of the few companies that offer such a diverse range of services.

Do you want to learn how we can save you time, money, and stress?

Why should I use your service instead of hiring a skip?

Over the years we have had many clients undertake their own house clearance, either with the use of a van or skip only to regret it later, we've all done it havn't we, how many times have you attempted to do something yourself thinking you were going to save money only to find it costing you more, this is known as false economy.

Junk removers and house clearances are what we specialize in, If you're thinking of hiring a skipyou will probably need 2 or more, have you factored in taking time of work, tavelling to the site ect, you may also need a permit for the skip. In many ways are service is like having skips on wheels but cheaper!

A D.I.Y house clearance can cost you alot more than what you think, we work with many clients remotely either because customers live to far away or are to emotionally attached to the property because a relatives items can stir strong emotions in them, this can be to much for some.

Services that we offer include: waste carriers licence

  • House contents clearance
  • House removals
  • Storage
  • Packing & packing materials supplied
  • Verminous house clearance
  • Property cleaning service
  • Carpet steam cleaning/shampooing
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Deep cleaning service
  • Household waste disposal
  • House junk removal
  • Skips on wheels
  • Office clearance
  • Government building clearance
  • Storage Clearance


Below, cowboys at work!

skips on wheels

This image depicts cowboys at work! We urge you not to go down this road! These cheap cowboy firms will tip your rubbish anywhere and YOU will be procecuted if letters or other documents with your name and address on are found in the junk.

So how do you know if your dealing with professional junk removers, the UK House Clearance Association will list the good guys from the bad, please check them out.

Below: This is a professional recycling centre, this is where all professional junk removers come to dispose of your rubbish, from here the rubbish is sorted and then taken to refinaries throughout the country.

Professional recycling centre

24 hour service! (even on Sundays)

Junk removers 24/7 if necessary! Thats our pledge to you, as far as we know we are the only company that do this, we can undertake your house clearance at either 8.00am or 8.00pm this is perfect if you are working or cannot get to your property.

Free boxes and a free house clean!

For a limited period we are offering free boxes for those of you that wish to do their own packing, we also provide a free basic house clean when you book online with us NOW!

Book your house junk removal now and claim your free boxes!

Alternatively check out our prices or if you have further questions please look at our FAQs or our house clearance coverage section.

Are you emotionally attached to the property ?

If you're attempting to do your own house clearance please understand this can be a very daunting task, items in the property can stir strong emotions in you! We get calls from many clients who start their own clearance but simply cannot continue.

We recommend the following....

Remove yourself from the property

We are expert junk removers and have no emotional ties to your property, but unfortunately YOU DO! If your really want to try and do it yourself we recommend the support of a good friend for moral support.

Don't get sentimental

Its always advisable to also allow your friend to pack these items for you, this avoids you having to come into contact with items that may jolt your memory.

Imagine what it would feel like to have your property sold or rented?

After our professional junk removers have completed your house clearance we're sure you're going to feel a hell of a lot better, no more sleepness nights or those migraine headaches, over the years we have had many clients express their gratitude and also how DIFFERENT they felt once their property clearance was completed, please read this testimonial of how one customer felt after their house clearance was completed.


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