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Free home clean

Get A Free Home Clean with Every House Clearance From Phoenix

Phoenix Property Services are offering a complimentary free basic home clean for every house it clears. This bonus is offered to every customer who gets their house, apartment or office cleared out. With this free service, homes and offices will be left spotlessly clean. This will leave you one less job on your list. This leaves the property clean and ready for the new home owner or the next tenant.

Why use us?

Why we offer a free clean?

There are several reasons why you should hire Phoenix. With a well trained team and the right supplies and tools, the firm is always able to offer a high level quality service. The aim of the management is always please the client by going all out to ensure deliverance of our services. Offering a complimentary free home clean service is just one example of the firm’s extra effort to ensure that it always leaves its customers satisfied.

Why we're different?

We are a little different to most companies as we also offer other complimentary services which many customers have asked for, these include:

Why we think were one of the best?

As recognized professionals in the industry, Phoenix House Clearances is a member of recognized guild associations such as the Guild of Master Craftsmen, the UK House Clearance Association, F.S.B and the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners. As a member of these associations of distinction, the firm can always be expected to provide quality service in line with acceptable ethical and professional practice.

Areas of coverage

Our office clearances are done within all the Yorkshire areas, Manchester, Greater Manchester and Humberside.

Why not give us a try?

Summary of services from Phoenix

  • Office cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Garage cleans
  • Free home survey
  • Deep cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Crime scene cleans
  • Bio-Hazard cleaning
  • Trauma cleans
  • Decomposition cleaning
  • Hypodermic needle collection
  • Vehicle sanitization
  • Contaminated vehicle valeting
  • Waste carriers licence
  • Office storage Clearance

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What's our full range of services?

The range of services offered by Phoenix House Clearances includes House clearances (attracts a free home clean service), house and office removals, sales and supplies of packaging materials and packing supplies, storage, deep cleaning, storage clearance, business clearance, property cleaning, waste disposal and nationwide haulage and part-load deliveries.

If you require any of the aforementioned range of services, Phoenix will be happy to talk to you and provide you with service options and quotes. If what you need is an office or home clearance, what you will get is a professional service and a complimentary free home clean afterward.

Please don't end up with a fine!

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What would you like to do next?

What would you like to do next?