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help for landlords property letting service

do you need a hand renting your property?

are you finding it hard locating decent tenants?


Property letting services in yorkshire   

Property Letting Service's

Avoid an empty rental property and find tenants without hassle or stress. Finding tenants doesn’t have to be difficult when you use Phoenix House Clearances to help you clear a property and get it ready for leasing, or selling.

learn how we can rent your house faster?

Phoenix House Clearances are specialists in the industry, and can manage the entire process of clearing and deep cleaning your property and getting it ready for letting or selling! We can also house sit your property for you if its empty for to long. Many clients of ours like to use this property letting service.

can we find you tenants?

We work with an extensive network of relocation agents, employers, community organisations, and other sources and can help you find quality tenants. Please look at our property services section of our links page. Our systematic process is designed to locate the best tenants possible, at the highest available market rent.

void property clearance

defra fly tipping fine

what if your property is left empty?

A property letting service has many risks and vulnerabilities, for example if they find the wrong tenant they can make your life very miserable, there is the risk of people breaking into your property if it's left empty and people squatting there! Unfortunately you will have to go through the costly legal process to get them out. Much better they don't break in, in the first place.

how to check a tenant before rental?

As you receive enquiries from prospective tenants its vitally important you ask the right questions! For example a professional property letting service would make sure any potential tenants are decent law abiding people and can provide references, however references can be forged, we would recommend visiting them at their current address and see how they live and what really goes on.

should you rent to the unemployed?

Our property letting service can help you find tenants but there is no guarantee they will be decent and pay the rent on time, and what happens if the present occupant loses their job? IT HAPPENS! We are in the grip od a really bad recession. Its always worth considering these people if they are decent law abiding citizens!

Our Property letting Services include:

  • full property clearance
  • basic property cleaning
  • help renting your property
  • help selling your property
  • Packing materials supplied
  • crime scene cleaning
  • Bio-hazard cleaning
  • Void property clearance
  • deep cleaning service
  • blood and trauma cleaning
  • Void property clearance
  • House sitting service
  • Property links
  • miscellaneous property services
  • Storage Clearance

do you want us to help sell your house?

Next, our property letting service agents can market your property extensively, using our web site and a variety of media to gain you the most attention and the greatest number of property letting applications or offers. Our aggressive and thorough marketing approach is intended to ensure that your property remains empty for the minimum time possible. As a result, you have less exposure to vandalism, scrap metal thefts, squatters or abuse, and you will maximise the potential profits to be gained from your investment.

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