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Office clearance

Professional Office Clearing Tips

Clearing out your office does not necessarily need to cause serious disruptions of normal business activities. Engaging experienced office clearing professionals can help save time and resources. Skilled professionals also have the necessary tools and equipment to move and clear out any type of junk, goods or machinery no matter their quantity or size.

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Do you have an office to clear?

The right office clearing firm should be made up of courteous friendly staff that is willing to provide a top rated service. Phoenix is such a company! Each office clearance project is unique and different from other office clearances. The right firm should be able to understand this and attack each job with the right combination of manpower, skills and resources needed to fulfill the tasks satisfactorily.

Would you like us to visit you?

In order to give a realistic and accurate quote, we may first need to evaluate the task to be done on site. You can thus request a representative to be sent to evaluate and price the clearance. A professional team will then be assigned to your job. We will clear your office in the shortest possible time to minimize any loss of business.

Areas of coverage

Our office clearances are done within all the Yorkshire areas, Manchester, Greater Manchester and Humberside.

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Summary of services from Phoenix

  • Offices cleared
  • Business moves
  • Achieve boxes supplied
  • Desks dismantled
  • Electrical items safely disposed of
  • Confidential shredding service
  • Office cleaning
  • Achieve storage
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Commercial moves
  • Domestic house clearances
  • Commercial clearance
  • Office storage Clearance

commercial clearance

How do you pick the right office clearance company?

There are several office clearing service providers across the UK. Be careful not to just settle for any clearing company you come across. Take time to check their references and past accomplishments. Ask questions when in doubt and make sure that the agreed price or rate is agreed and make sure you read the companies terms and conditions to make sure you don't get hit with any form of hidden charges

The UK House Clearance Association

Another way to properly access the competence of an office clearing firm is to check if they are accepted members of recognized guild associations. This is because guild associations such as the UK House Clearance Association only accept professional and ethical firms into their fold.

Please don't end up with a fine!

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What would you like to do next?


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