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gentleman and van services

When trying to clear out or move your household items a lot of people are tempted to try and handle it themselves. They reason that it would be cheaper to just hire a van only and transport their goods themselves while also handling the packing, lifting and loading on their own. It is a misconception to think that clearing and moving furniture and household goods does not require any skill and so can just be handled by yourself. This misconception has caused some people to damage their property in their bid to save costs.

reasons to use a gentleman and van service!

A compromise to the above scenario would be to use our gentleman and van service, with this service you get the best of both worlds and in many cases ends up costing you less than a standard van hire company would charge you for a similar sized van. You will also save money from breakages as our gentleman and van have many years of experience in the house removals industry.


Advantages of our gentleman and van Service:

  • We can be cheaper than van hire
  • Packing service provided
  • Many areas in Yorkshire covered
  • Storage arranged
  • Years of moving experience
  • Van blankets provided
  • Expert advice and assistance
  • Zero damage to your property


reasons not to do your own move unassisted!

There are many many reasons not to do your own move unassisted, for example you run the risk of attracting extra costs when you damage your goods because you don't have the right skills and experience of how to handle, pack and load furniture and household items, you will be slower, less efficient and will very likely end up causing some damage to yourself and your goods, some people have even given themselves a hernia. Much better then to hire our gentleman and van service.


man and van for 60 minute make over man and his van packing for house move


what goes into your move?

Professional clearing and gentleman and van services involve much more than what you may think. Your move has to be planned and prepared for. The right materials such as protective furniture covers and the right van size have to be made available. Each item of furniture has to be treated with care to ensure that items are not compromised in any way. The van should be properly loaded to make the best use of space while not exposing the items to any form of damage.


Summary of our gentleman and van services:

  • Gentleman and van service
  • Storage for your possessions
  • Groupage service
  • Boxes delivered
  • Packing service
  • Small or large vans available
  • 2 hour response time when possible
  • Man and his van
  • Flat removals
  • Single items
  • Prices from £35

Other reasons to use us!

These are just some reasons that make Phoenix House Clearances highly recommendable. We are experts in what we do and take pride in going the extra mile to make the job go smoothly, stress free and without taking up unnecessary time. Our services are tailor designed to fit your needs exactly and so we are able to charge pocket friendly cheap prices for the exact service you need. Our efficient gentleman and van services make moving a pleasure not a chore.


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