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A man and a van

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A Man And A Van service

Without the proper skills and experience, you will find it quite stressful and chaotic to move and transfer your house or personal possessions to a new location. There are so many things to prepare and pack especially if you have large sized furniture and appliances. It certainly won’t be practical to pack your items into your car and make several trips back and forth, carting items in bits. What you need is a man and van to help you out.


Advantages of using Phoenix Man and van Services:

  • Cheap prices from just ₤70
  • No Deposit Required
  • Wide range of cities and areas covered (North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and Greater Manchester)
  • Professional and quick time-saving packing
  • A suitable removals vehicle based on your requirement
  • Free protective furniture covers provided
  • Expert advice and assistance
  • No goods damaged


do you need a removal company or a man with a van?

Depending on the size of your house and the number of household items to be moved you may need the services of a house removal company. These companies are well equipped to handle large house moves efficiently however they can be expensive if you're on a budget. A man and a van may be much cheaper for you. An experienced member of staff from Phoenix will ensure your entire household possessions are well packed and safely moved to your new home.


man and van for 60 minute make over efficient man and van services packing for house move


Advantages of using a man and a van versus van hire alone!

For smaller sized moves and budgets, a man and a van service may be better suitable. This is a cheaper alternative that is customized to suit your needs and budget. Instead of a full size removal team of 3 or 4 men you will get one experienced man and a van to help you pack and cart your property safely to the new location. As experienced hands they can help cut the time of the move drastically as they know the right techniques to use in packing all your property safely to prevent damages.


Summary of our man and van services from Phoenix:


why use us?

Phoenix Property Services is a professional, reliable and comprehensive house clearance company that offers complete house clearances, we have even appeared on TV. We offer many services and customized services with a 24/7 day schedule so you can't go wrong with Phoenix. With our wealth of experience we are able to handle everything safely without any damages to your property. As professionals we also have adequate insurance cover to ensure that you get compensated in the event of any damages to your property. With Phoenix you get no headaches, just first class services.


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