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Furniture clearance in manchester


Do You Need To Dispose Of Old Furniture?

Not Sure How To Get Rid Of It?


Furniture Disposal Tips!

There are several possible methods that can be used for furniture clearances in Manchester. One simple option will be to try to sell it and raise some money, you could try websites like freecycle, ebay or gumtree.

This option will hardly be practical if much of your furniture is old and worn out however! Not even charity shops will take your futniture. A simple solution may be to take it to a flea market, junk sale, car boot or garage sale. Again there are several problems associated with trying to sell off old furniture this way.

Time is money and stress!

You will likely run into the problem of how to move the heavy bulky furniture items down to the place of sale. You may end up spending a considerable portion of the proceeds on transporting the furniture, then you have to load and unload the furniture thus taking up time and money which leads to stress!

furniture clearance in Manchester solutions!

Another simple solution for your furniture clearance in Manchester is to use a furniture clearance company like Phoenix House Clearances! With this option you do not have to worry about anything. Simply call us and we can be there within 2 hours! We will appraise the furniture you want to dispose of and give you a quote. We will take the furniture away, clean the premises and properly dispose of the furniture either by sending it to a charity or sending it for recycling, what could be simpler!

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Where can you sell your furniture?

If the furniture clearance in Manchester has some decent items you could of course sell it online. Websites such as Craig’s List, Ebay and other auction websites are great places for furniture disposal online. Then there are also charities such as The Salvation Army, Free Cycle or the Goodwill of good samaritans that will appreciate your donation of your old furniture.

Phoenix House Clearances offers many services including:

  • Furniture house clearance
  • Contents valuation
  • Free home clean
  • Part- or full- property clearance services
  • Single items, multiple items, or the entire contents of a property or estate
  • Garden, garage, shed, and outbuilding clearance
  • Waste removal Manchester
  • Cleaning services, if required, including deep cleaning services
  • Appliance disconnection and removal
  • Garden tidy up Service
  • Rubbish removal
  • Factory & Shop Floor Clearance
  • Office clearance
  • Government building clearance
  • Storage Clearance

Should you give your furniture away?

Another viable furniture disposal option will be to give it out to someone. Then again you have to find someone who will appreciate your old furniture and who will accept it. There is still that problem of transporting the old furniture down to the new location. Besides, if the furniture is well worn out and damaged, how many people do you know who would want to have that? Its sad but sometimes you can't even give furniture away!



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